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Error 96: Programm crashed. See the console for details

Wait that’s illegal

while(i=1; i>0; i++){

Hello, your tutorials are always awesome. Hats of to you. In this particular asset, if I Center the camera on the player, the joystick doesnot work at all. I figured the problem out, it’s because the screen coordinates change when you center the camera, I mean, mouseX and mouseY change. Is there any solution?

By the way, english isnot my first language, so you might get hard time understanding this.

No no no no

No no


Com: Took a number from 1 to 100

Me: Insert 56

Com: 56 smaller

Me: Insert 78

Com: 78 smaller

Me: Insert 100

Com: 100 smaller

Time to go brrrrrrrrrt

Omg dats rilly high

Fixed highscore issue

I Didn’t

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Go play

Play it

play now

Just play it

Not playing it also be counted as playing

Play at

New::. Added menu Enemies will move faster as the time moves forward


Played on my mobile 100% organic touch xD

Nice low effort game

MiGHt aDd a NeW eNEmY LatER

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Finished game within half an hour

Tnx 4 playin

I agree(2)

Finally, a jam that I was looking for ages


Great vid! Thanks for tryin out my game :)

Super cursed xD

Thanks for your feedback, But I think normalizing the control will make the game to easy, Won’t it? I don’t know, maybe I will change the control. Yeah, It’s frustrating lol.

Thats a really well made game by you and your team

Great game mate