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one day!! *bounces excitedly*

i'm jumping in excitement already :D you may say it's unfortunate the release date keeps being postponed but to know the author loves their story so much the word count keeps going up with each route is amazing. bless you.  Also the fact Bastien's route is being the first to be released is making me giddy omg ma boi. thank you so much for updating us :) we'll be here to support your game

thank you so much for the update!! and for the new demo omg bless I can't wait :D

absolutely! that answer gives the insight and answers my question, thank you so much for replying <3

I'm so excited for this game, I don't know how many times I've replayed TROS, such an amazing mix of romance and politics- I srly love it!
I have a question if I may for creators; in the description it says you either "begin the game with your current lover or remain single to pursue one of the two new love interests: Sir Mathys Aurele or Ambassador Vesela Brovik"- I was wondering, in the case of being in a marriage of convenience with the Prince, does the game offer you the option to recover your "true love" from the previous characters? (I'm looking at you, Bastien). Thanks!!

me: *email announcing the dlc is out at 2:44pm and subsequently halting everything i was doing including eating lunch* time to vexx

ahh ok thank you! I downloaded the last version but was playing from a save file so maybe that's why I couldn't find it

hey sorry to ask, I've been playing the new version but I can't find the map item, could you help me?

that's fine ( not her incident no gods, I mean that she has rl problems, we can understand that), but we want Lee to SHOW UP. SEND A MESSAGE. TELL US WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE GAME (not her life we respect her privacy). She owes us, backers, an apology and answers. you cannot just LEAVE a project and everyone out of the blue and cut communications. even if she personally couldn't get through us, tell someone ANYONE, to leave a message. she could very well have gotten out this mess she's created just being honest. it's too late now.

yikes, not even with the new year huh... I had to bite my tongue really hard today bc goodness I did want to write something in the ks page since it looks like our private cementery and they'd never read it anyway, but I get passive agressive won't lead us anywhere (nor will any supporting message for the what we see). At this point you'll forgive me but I need to vent. what a disgrace this project has become; if it's as Elvira says and things won't progress at any pace, at least tell us. Be honest. My mind has ran through all probable scenaries, from truly compromising troubles in their life to the fact they can't keep the project alive but they spent the ks money on whatever and now lol admitting they cant bring this game would mean giving the money back and they cant. I swear I want to trust but I feel they're making a fool of us. 

absolutely agreed. as one of these people just asking for a proof of life and to work trust from there, I can guarantee pressure for the game rn is completely sidetracked by worry to how they are doing because well. you dont just disappear from the face of earth for months abandoning a project unless something dire is affecting you. and even then, the five mintes you need to log in and post if only one sentence replying updating, whatever even just saying life has gone shit and we would support and understand. One sentence. 

please pLEASE any news is better than NO news. we just want to know. let them know that at least, thank you.

we wish..................

same tbh, same... i agree with what you said. there's this agreement between developer and backers where we help this project come to life and the developers get their hands on what they scripted. Needless to say, shitcan happen but they are breaking it by not keeping in touch with us. We are by no means forcing them to work, or pressuring them to finish it; that should come from them, both from their passion for this project and responsibility with us. And at this point I see none.

as someone who backed their project I feel disappointed and just sad tbh. We just want updates, any kind. It's okay saying you didn't finish things, but say it. keeping us like this makes me afraid of what you said; if in the end this project never comes to life at least tell us so. It's fine, we will understand, life happens, people have jobs and family. But not this silence stretching until people become bitter please. We were all very excited for this project, but this has become ridiculous and absurd.

we might be as well *sighs* I hate being the one who only comments when there's radio silence, it makes me look bitchy and unsupportive but I'm also on edge fearing this project may be dropped to an indefinite hiatus. On the other hand last time I chose to comment they updated so cross your fingers with me. I wonder how's it going since last update on August; if they update every three months it's almost due time for more news. I hope they are doing alright with their lives.

Today makes two months of the last announcement in their kickstarter page and tbh I feel... disappointed. I think I speak for the majority of us here when I say I don't want to rush them with the game, I just want them to be here. To give us some news. It's bad to disappear but it's just as bad to come back two months ago complaining about life and then disappear for who knows how long again. I know life happens, we all know there are people involved in this and that they have their own problems BUT I wish they had some deference with the people who backed their kickstarter. There were actual people contributing with money to this, and even if it sounds bad I think they deserve to know what's going on. Not just when and/or if the game is progressing, but to at least to show their faces to say they're on it, even if slowly. Even if some days or weeks they can't do as much as they'd like, but at least be here. Say so. Don't keep us like this, in a radio silence limbo because it's unerving, and very unfair.

yeah I agree with you three; I came here too looking for answers because it's been radio silence for a while... tbh reassurance rn would be great. I can understand life happens, but this is a compromise they reached with us, and as such they could at least post a message saying it's delayed. Idk, even if they can't give us more info it would have been something. Instead they kept posting in their tumblr from time to time, but never disclosing what was going on with the game.