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Nice game! I like the concept, the problem with movement was pretty noticeable unfortunately and for the future, I'm pretty sure you could have locked the rotation of the player (in the rigidbody component if you were using that) since it is easy to make your character spin, it looks unintentional but it's pretty funny so I'm actually glad it's a feature. Either way, I think it's pretty fun!

For your first game, it's quite good! Starting out is not easy, trust me I know, and there's a lot of things you got right on your first try! It looks very nice and it plays well. If I may give some advice for the future, change the value of the timer from a float to an integer, it's a pretty simple fix but it should make the number of seconds easier to read while you play the game (you can also keep the decimal numbers for the high score if you want it to be as accurate as possible). Also I know that some bugs will always be in a game and finding all of them is impossible (and fixing some of them is... even harder), but you should playtest your games A LOT. Replay them, use every mechanic you made to try and break your game, even with something as simple as saving your progress. I know critique is not easy to take, that is perhaps the hardest thing to do (unlike giving critique, that is always easy), but I think you have potential! I apologize if I said anything harsh but don't let me disencourage you and make more games!

Good game! I got to wave 11 and I think at that point the amount of bullets can be a bit unfair since it is not easy to dodge all of them nor are you meant to I assume, but I really like the main mechanic. It is satisfying to look at all of the bullets swirling around the black hole and I love that it has multiple uses. The fact that you can heal by consuming enemies with it really makes you think about the right time to use it instead of just spamming it at all times. I think it would be better if there was some way to increase your damage for the later waves as dealing with a lot of enemies can take some time. With that said, it looks great, it's a good concept and most importantly it's pretty fun!

Fun concept, I like the idea of using your mouse to dodge the bullets! I think some patterns are a bit too precise for this game though. It is really hard to precisely squeeze between the bullets with a mouse and some patterns appear just a bit too suddenly to react, and the fact that dying means starting over makes it very punishing if you don't manage to use your quick reflexes. Other than that I loved dodging the more forgiving patterns and especially the circle one, that was great! Once you get into the groove it really works nicely. I hope you can explore this idea further! 

Amazing! At first I was thinking of it as somewhat of a modern take on retro Touhou games but I think calling it just a clone of a different game wouldn't be fair, it feels unique and in a very good way. I love the main mechanic and how it is used, it didn't feel like just another gimmick to make avoiding patterns easier, it felt like the patterns were made for this mechanic in mind and that is honestly not an easy thing to get right. It was hard to get used to but it felt fair... except for this one specific pattern where you have to dodge two djinns AND other patterns, my mind couldn't fully comprehend that and it felt like a big difficulty spike, so I'm thankful for the forgiving checkpoints. So the gameplay is really fun, I think the sound design was good, the visuals are well done, the game looks good while also not being overwhelming. If I were to complain about something it's that the default controls on the keyboard are a bit odd, it wasn't terrible I just wish there was a way to change the controls to the way I'm used to play. There was also the issue of the button to continue the dialog covering part of it and some of it going outside the box so I had to add some words in my head from context. Lastly, weird complaint I know but... I wish the font was different? I don't want to nitpick, it's just that it was the one thing that just didn't fit with the artstyle for me and it was this mild annoyance every time I noticed it. With that out of the way, this is the best game I've played so far in this jam, keep up the good work!

While I think some of the enemy placement was a bit unfair at times (at least for the size of the bullets and the fact that you can't really shoot downwards or upwards) and the boss fight just feels too long even with the fact that your damage increases over the course of the fight (I'm sorry I couldn't get through the boss), I think this game is actually pretty fun! I really enjoy the surreal aesthetic and the music, and I definitely appreciate the effort put into that. Bonus points for including cats :p

great game, love some of the 2d icons and the model of the boss

I like the artstyle and the map. The physics make it a bit hard to control the car but making drifts is pretty satisfying! Good job!

Easy to understand, cute and relaxing. Love the art and the music! Really enjoyed it!

Great music and good visuals! The game itself is pretty simple, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Love the art and the game is nice, but I didn't know what to do at first. I know that there's an arrow pointing towards the backpack and that would have worked if not for the fact that I didn't know what the space button does yet and the tie that was supposed to show me how the game works was blocking my way so I had no way to connect the dots and once I realised what I was supposed to do I had to restart the game and start over. It's a simple thing but I think it would be better if the game started with you locked in a room in the exact same way with no other choice but to try using space on the tie. It might seem a little bit forced but it would really help with understanding the game from the get-go without the need to start over. Other than that good game!

Nice game! I tried to get all of the cherries but damn some of them were just too hard for me. Good submission!

Fun bullet hell with a neat idea! I think some sounds would be great and maybe higher fire rate or just changing the boss's health into a timer would make it a bit more enjoyable since spamming the shoot button is not that satisfying but other than that, good submission!

Great visuals and music, feels pretty cozy. I kind of wish it wasn't so luck dependant but maybe it's just that that aspect wasn't really for me. Either way I think it's a good game, good job!

Thank you for the comment! When it comes to the difficulty I am a pretty big fan of tough platforming games and I just couldn't resist the sadistic urge, I even had to nerf some of the jumps because I knew that the character movement was not that great especially for precise movement and I have heard that I shouldn't make games that are too difficult for game jams. Looking back I still made the last 2 levels just a bit too hard, next time I will try to make my games easier with harder levels as an option. Anyway thank you for the feedback!

The way the theme gets slower and more creepy each time you start over, the idea with collecting carrots to get hearts while also having limited inventory space for both and the realisation of what is actually going on here - Love it! I managed to 100% this game and my only real complaint is the shotgun. I got all of the carrots without it since it was easier to do without the speed boost and that choice of either defending yourself with a weapon or having slower speed to time your jumps better is a great design choice intentional or not, but there was that one carrot near a death pit that requires you to double jump. You can't get it with the shotgun unless you time your jump perfectly because the speed boost makes you go over it. I was also a bit confused as to what to do at first but I think it was more of a me problem rather than the game teaching its mechanics poorly. Anyway those are just nitpicks, fantastic game!

This is such a weird game and it is great! The artstyle reminds me of Hong Kong 97 but the game itself is nothing like that piece of forbidden video game history. It's simple, fun and challenging I like that. I don't know if the fire wall flickering is intentional but if it is, you might want to put a  photosensitivity warning somewhere in the description just in case for those who need it, and I also found that you can just fly over the boss because it's hitbox isn't big enough. Other than that great entry, love it!

I think it's the first time that I saw an actual story based game in this jam. Nice music, the game is pretty simple but it uses the limitation well. Good job!

I really like the artstyle. The controls are a bit hard to get used to but I guess that's kind of the point. Good sprite work and good gameplay!

I wish there was a bit more to it. The idea is nice but the only strategy here is either strafe and shoot the enemies ad nauseam or ignore the enemies completely and strafe to the goal. Also putting enemies at the very start makes it hard to react to them and entering the buildings in endless mode shows that the camera was not really made for this. Other than that the controls are great and I really like the aesthetic. The cutscene and UI elements are also great. Pretty good job!

The corridors themselves create a nice horror atmosphere and the black ghosts have a nice disappearing animation, but its easy to get lost and I'm not sure if it's intentional or not but I always just walked past the monsters without a problem which took away some of the spookiness. I tried to finish it but I just couldn't find a way to do so. It has potential though.

I love the pixel art work here and it's fun to play. I feel like the movement was just a bit too floaty for the second level, and it should have been the last level since it's the hardest. Even so, good game!

Fun game, I really like the cutscenes and the idea. I'm sure with more levels it would have been even better!

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Clean artstyle and a good time killer. Really good idea for a mobile game! Good job!

Nice game! I liked the idea with the password at the end and the choice of music is cultured.

The artstyle really reminds me of Hylics and that's always a good thing! Technically the limitation did specify that the games shouldn't have any words including HUD elements, but I think I'll let it slide since the story is both ridiculous and well presented at the same time(i.e. I like it). There were also a lot of levels but the level design was quite good on all of them so I never felt bored. Solid game!

Oh no, I was afraid that would happen. I thought I looked everywhere for oversights like this but I guess this set of spikes went unnoticed, thanks for telling me. Also yeah the trampoline code is not the best but oh well. Anyway thank you for the comment!

Very nice endless runner, it looks nice and the movement feels nice! Nice

It's a pretty cute game and I like the artstyle, but there's no penalty for not following the rhythm so it kind of feels as if you were slowing down for no real reason. Still, really good entry!

Wow! I actually hope this game wins the jam. It looks really nice, the guitar music is great and the gameplay is just fun. The puzzles were well designed and I had a lot of fun solving them, challenging but never felt unfair. On top of that the story is pretty funny.

I really like the doom-like feel of it and the part at the end where it turns into a bit of a first person bullet hell. It controls well and the enemy designs are nice. Good game!

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I think the concept of doing tasks in fnaf is interesting. I'm not sure if it follows the limitation but the atmosphere is nice.

Also I need to say it I'm so sorry

stigma balls

Interesting concept, the 2d art is really good as well. To be honest I was a bit confused at first but now I think that it's a fine critique of our society.

Maybe but the hat sure is suspicious hmm

This game has a lot of charm to it in it's concept, music as well as visuals. I love that the computer reacts to getting hit and I love the animations here. It looks great and it plays great. The game design had some problems here and there like blind jumps and being able to just jump over a lot of enemies, but it didn't ruin the experience. One of the best games from this jam that I've played so far!

The art and sounds are so good. When it comes to the atmosphere it reminded me of Metroid and I love that. The game itself has a good concept. I think it would have been a lot better if it was a bit more clear where to go(I know, easier said than done) and the hitbox on the swing attack is really big so it was a bit confusing at first. Still, good job!

GOD I LOVE STONES HOW DID YOU KNOW??? WHAT A GREAT GAME (still laughing about the game, it brought me great joy and if games aren't to be enjoyed then I don't want to play anymore; in that sense it fulfilled its purpose as a game more than most other games out there)

Thank you! Actually, I was thinking about adding in music. I couldn't really find anything that would fit the atmosphere in time, but it would probably be a great addition.

Thank you, I'm really glad you liked it!