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I want to emphasize that what you did was awesome. Good work!

Awesome concept, phenomenal presentation, but too difficult. Still impressive though, especially with how you did those menus where the text matches the line!

No enemies ever showed up for me, but I love the concept and atmosphere!

SO CREATIVE!!!!!!! Favorite game I've played so far here. I do like puzzles so I am biased, but you just so did the theme here.

Fantastic idea and work! I don't think the player speed is the problem. It could be slower, but would really help the game is to have the PC stick to the platform. Maybe that would make it too easy, but I didn't really like having to juggle that guy around on the platform.

Phenomenal!!!!!...but I can't really find a theme connection. Still, the core gameplay is brilliant and I would love a full game based on this!

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I love that you can see the lazer beam's upcoming path: very helpful. And the slow down time feature is a nice touch. The white ball puzzle was nice, but once it got to the part where hitting the walls could cause a game over the game got a bit too difficult. Nice work and idea though!

Perfect. Perfect sound effects, original idea, and really fun. A good way to improve your Tetris skills!

Very creative idea. I think the pellets could be bigger and/or the running be less floaty as it was hard to collect them. The shooting guys also were very hard to avoid on the final level. Still, just good concept and animations!

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Awesome concept, and I love that you can shoot the arrow through the holes, as well as monsters can go through them! The fact that you can leave the arrow behind and go rooms ahead of it is a nice touch. The lighting looks solid too. Checkpoints would be nice, as I died and wasn't motivated to retread all those rooms. Still, good job!

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I love the concept, but I couldn't get rotating the light to work and as such couldn't finish the game. I tried rotating it on the arrow keys and got no result. On the right analog stick I got the light to shrink but not reopen. I couldn't solve the hole-in-the-wall puzzle.