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Thanks so much! Yeha, I've found that some levels are a bit unfair and the music isn't entirely balanced, but thanks for trying it out and thanks for your feedback!

Sounds good! I'm sure you'll get there!

Wow, this is an amazing entry! Truly, it's incredible! The graphics fit the game nicely and the animations are just superb! Some music and sound effects would be helpful for a feedback loop, but I'm sure it must've been hard to implement it in the time period. Well done on this one, it's absolutely incredible! The inputs felt a little unresponsive at some points, but I'm sure that can be tightened up. Well done, would love to see this worked on more and extended into a bigger game!

Pretty neat game! The music was funny as well as the graphics, but I think it would benefit from a menu and a bit more polish. The voice acting was great and I'd love to see this worked on more! Some side barriers would be helpful too, as I found myself falling off and not being able to restart. Overall, well done!

Pretty cool game! The artwork felt nice and movement was responsive. I found myself overshooting my jumps a bit though. As said, some music made in Bosca Ceoil might be helpful to add a bit more pop to the game. Also, Bfxr is a great, free program to make sound effects which I think would add a lot. Nevertheless, this is a solid entry and would love to see it expanded upon! Well done!

That’s really exciting to hear! I’m excited to see this game worked on more!

Thankyou for all your feedback! That’s really helpful, thanks! Yeah, some levels can definitely be too hard so thanks for pointing that out! :)

Cool! I’ll check it out

All good! Excited in what you create next!

Wow, I'm completely blown away by the mystical and magical effects and aesthetics in this game! It's completely amazing, especially within 72 hours. The transitions between gameplay, though, were a little slow. It added to the effect but after a little while, it just got a bit frustrating. That's very harsh on criticism though, because the audio and graphics in this game completely dazzle me and it's a great entry overall. Well done!

Hi everyone! 

Thanks for the feedback so far! I'm a bit of a doof and was trying to submit some WebGL files into my game and the other files got removed for some reason. I haven't updated my game since the submission period of the Jam but I have re-uploaded the game. That's why the files say it was posted sooner than the submission period.

I'm just saying all of this to assure you that you don't need to worry about voting on a game updated after submission. Have fun playing!

Haha, outstanding game! I've played after the update and it feels really really good. When I saw this on the submissions page, I just knew I had to play it. Even though it's not really shown, the game's page is also incredibly designed, well done! There has obviously been a lot of work put into modelling and level design, and it all works really well together! The music is peaceful and fitting and I think it has all turned out to become a really fascinating and outstanding entry! Well done, I won't forget this one!

Really fun, addicting game idea! It obviously has a bit of polish to go but it was really fun and satisfying! This definitely has the potential to be developed further! Well done!

Wow! Completely and utterly blown away by this entry. The music and sound effects are peaceful and fitting, the movement feels tight and responsive, and the graphics and visual effects are absolutely incredible! There's not enough to say about this game other than you can just see how much time and effort was put into this. Big congratulations, well done!

Wow! Amazing game! The graphics were incredible along with the visual effects, animations stunning and absolute gorgeous gameplay. Some music and sound effects would be the last piece to tie it all together, but I really had a laugh at the dialogue! The fact that you've developed this game in such short of time is mindblowing, you should be proud of yourself! Well done!

Pretty cool game! The artwork was nice but sometimes the music was just a bit repetitive and the rooms a bit bland, but overall, it was a really unique take on the prompt. Well done on this one!

This game is really cool, and the cover image is incredible! The movement felt a bit slippy so maybe if you could tighten this up, it would work a lot better. I loved the music and aesthetics in your game, and the menu worked really well. Maybe some sound effects or particle effects could improve this game a bit too, just add a bit of pop! Amazing entry, I really enjoyed this one!

Haha this is great! It's an amazing accomplishment you've pulled off this mechanic so well, I found myself trying out all the poses and having a really great time! With some extra polish and detail, this would be a great little game to publish and share. Amazing job, especially for your first jam!

Thank you! It's always nice to receive positive feedback :)

Wow! This game was absolutely incredible! In this time frame, this is an absolute knockout of a game, well done! The graphics and music were nice, especially the soundtrack speeding up. The sound effects provided a constant feedback loop which is always good and I found myself having a blast during this intense entry. Great job!

Hey, this is a pretty cool game! Definitely an interesting mechanic but I unfortunately couldn't get the hang of it. The graphics and music work extremely well together though, and I love the layout of your game's page. Well done!

Cool submission! Some animations, I think, would help make the game flow a bit better and just a bit more polish on the level design and graphics also. With some work, this could turn out to be a great game! Well done!

Cool little platformer! The levels have some cool features and it'd be good to expand upon them. The movement felt good too. Great entry!

Wow, this is a really genuine and interesting concept that you've pulled off in this time limit! The idea is great and executed really really well, I love this mechanic and you've presented it to the player concisely. The graphics are nice and just an overall great entry. Well done!

This is a really cool entry! I've played both versions and they're both really good. It runs smoothly and I like how the controls are linked in during the gameplay. The aesthetics are nice and the music fits the game nicely. I especially loved the cheat code in the updated version ;) Well done!

Nice entry! The movement was a bit fast for me but that's it! The music was fitting and the gameplay felt responsive and good to use. Well done on this game!

Really great storytelling and atmosphere of the game! I love the textures, sounds, and fonts - they really bring the game together. I'd love to see this expanded upon, you really have a talent for this sort of stuff!

Pretty nice concept! It could definitely be expanded a bit but I'd suggest working a bit more on the Menu Screen. Setting a canvas to 'pixel perfect' could help the blurry text... just a suggestion! Great entry, I really enjoyed it!

Sorry for the uploading issues, I've stopped it for now but might continue it later. Thanks for you feedback, that helps a lot! I'll definitely be sure to look into ranger monsters and the effects, thanks!

Ah yeah sorry, I'm trying the WebGL processes at the moment. Should be up soon, sorry if its not

Thanks for that! It all works now, and I found this really cute and fun! The artwork is pleasing and responsive just as the movement is. The particle effects, although subtle, really add a lot to the game too. I think some sound effects and maybe some randomly-spawning powerups could make the game pop and stand out a little bit more, but this is already amazing! Well done!

Pretty cool game, very inspiring! The gameplay and rhythm felt good and it could easily be polished into a full game. Well done on this one, especially for the time constraints. I sometimes lost my streak after hitting the squares, or the squares just jumped over the window where I could hit the keys, but it felt relatively smooth most of the game. Great entry!

Great entry! The mechanics and gameplay worked really well and the tutorial was super helpful. This submission is polished and humorous in it's own way. Well done!

It’s all good! I hope it helps! Again, you’ve done incredibly well with just everything on your game, so try and focus on the really amazing thing rather than a few flaws. Well done!

Thanks for your feedback! I never picked up on the music so I’m glad someone else did hehe. Thanks, I’ll be sure to look into it!

it’s all good! Yeah, time limits can be a pain but you’ve done really really well in the time you had!

Naw thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it :)))

Haha all good, I love that YES feeling too. I'm really looking forward to all of your adjustments and additions, I'm definitely going to play it when it's out!

Really cool puzzle entry! The concept was great and I'd love to see it expanded more. Some polish on the graphics would help a lot I think but I found it just really enjoyable and calming. It was a great use of the limitation, so well done! Great game!

Lol this game is great! The movement is actually so crisp and responsive, it feels really nice to use and polished. I found it really entertaining just spamming the explosions but the game was heaps of fun altogether. Amazing entry, I'll remember this one for sure.