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banger game. windows apps but touhou is hilarious imo


fun game! feels very polished for a demo. color scheme and pixel art is very nice and the backgrounds are really comfy! (also the trap part's music bops)

 i found myself not really understanding when to use vic's projectiles and not learning how my moves interact with the enemies very well, but i can't tell if that's cause it wasn't properly taught through the level design or if im simply daft and didn't really catch it cause i was going at a fast pace.

two questions: how long have you worked on this game for, and do you plan to sell the full game?

thank you! also, there's only one ending, no need to worry about replaying!

love it!

love it! unique idea and setting, along with gameplay that, if developed more, could go places!

dope, simple lil game. took a little bit of time catching the tadpoles and eels due to their speed but it was still fun learning the best ways to trap them. angler fight was fun even though i couldn't beat it. art is cool, i like the way it distorts based on the speed

if you ever plan on updating this or coming back to this idea (it is a game jam game so i doubt it), i would certainly recommend making a health bar system and making angler fish get stunned when hit by the jellies.

you're welcome! :) i'll certainly check in every once and awhile to see if you guys have made anything new! though, in the mean time...

Your score won't be high once I use my full strength. You shall quake upon my 1324 score... as soon as I obtain it. Which may take a little longer than anticipated...

hard game. highest score i got was 53. the game certainly takes a bit to get used to and it is difficult, but the octopus dialogue, music, and modelling certainly give it a fun and interesting vibe. this game is one where i might try to come back and improve my score, as the multitasking in this game is loads of fun.

if you ever come back to this, i would recommend adding an easier mode where you get double the time to warm players into an easier environment. maybe a proper tutorial on where everything is in your kitchen, too, because it is hard to tell at first what is important or not with the art style. i look forward to seeing things made by your team in the future!

i like the world in this game. although the intriguing mechanics weren't utilized a whole lot and the design was a rough around the edges, the world is interesting in both story potential and visual style. the ending's graphics were a bit janky, but it did get me thinking about what happened to the protagonist.

not the best, but certainly not a poor experience for how small it was! pretty game! character designs were right up my alley, too. good work!

fun little game! mechanics make you think and, although i'm not sure it's completely intentional, some of the harder rooms have multiple solutions. i enjoy that a lot!!

oh, yeah, also found a way to glitch a crate infinitely back and forth through two doors. that was fun