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congrats on getting Mark to play your game! ๐Ÿ˜€

Well the way I suggest to do it would be to start with a controlled, pre-created game scenario where the player's only option is obvious, and that way the player will figure out the mechanic on their own, for example, putting the player in a scenario where all they can do is gain control over an ant, and not worry the player with other more advanced mechanics and such. Once the player successfully comprehends this mechanic slowly escalate the game to introduce other mechanics, perhaps with a simple guide to each mechanic somewhere on the screen. I know that's much easier to do in a level-based game like mine, but perhaps there's some way to do something similar in yours :) good luck!

Like others have mentioned, it's rather difficult to get into, but it's quite streamlined for an RTS made during a 2-day game jam. Very well done!

Good luck to you as well ๐Ÿ˜Š I can tell a great deal of effort was put in to your game!

Pretty well made, some small improvements could be made (though considering it was made during a game jam, it's impressively well done) 

I gotta say though... CRAZY coincidence; I made a very similar game for Android a couple years ago ๐Ÿคฏ I'm glad someone else had the same idea ๐Ÿ˜„

Thanks for making it! To be fair, you managed to get a whole lot done in just a day! 

That... explains a lot. I think i definitely just got super lucky at the beginning, which made me think "what's the point if i can just kill any slime" 

One thing i would suggest is adding feedback to whether the right or wrong choice was made (perhaps some splash for the right slime, and dark puff of smoke for the wrong one)

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Super appreciate those accessibility features, will def. come back and see it through to the end! :D

One quick thing i forgot to mention is that it would be neat if you could hold directional buttons to keep walking, instead of having to spam buttons to travel long distances. 

Thanks for the detailed feedback :D you made my day! 

I'm glad the only bug (so far) is non critical, but I think I might use this as a mechanic for the player's advantage in the future, instead of removing it.

Plays well and the art is pretty well made, though if i'm being honest I don't see the connection to "only one". I might've missed something though :\

Very pretty, good gameplay, a little too challenging tho imo (tried 10-ish times, never made it past yellow) maybe less enemies on-screen?

It's definitely super fun, but like everyone else has been saying, controls need some work. another thing i think is pretty not great is the fact that the black plates all look the same, but appear to do different things. you kinda have to try and retry and just memorize which does what. Alsot one last tiny thing is the sphere should have smooth shading ;)

Looking forward to it. Also, if you have the time, I would def. appreciate it if you gave me some feedback on my game, and perhaps also rate it :)

Very good, tolerances are a little too tight in some places though. Got much more creative than i originally assumed it would be

S U P E R   pretty game, loved playing it, couple of small suggestions (if you're open to feedback):

  • The jump fall speed is kinda high, makes it hard to make some jumps, not the worst i've seen though
  • there should be coloured outlines (or something of that sort) to let you know what other color platforms there are)
  • there should be an indicator of the color sequence, so you know what the next color will be (though this suggestion is kinda pointless without my previous point being taken into consideration)

And I will say it again, very pretty game :)

the light goes to fast (not to mention it starts completely still, and then jumps to full speed) and you can`t see the teddy bears in time. My biggest issue is that the jump is very hard to do well (player/teddy friction is WAY too high, so if you touch a teddy mid-jump you're done for and player jump acceleration is too little)

G R E A T concept, way too challenging. a ton of adjustment to the physics, and the level layout, could definitely take this game to the next level. Very nice!

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Very great concept! Idea was great, but execution was slightly flawed;

  • You have two different buttons for shooting and re-calling your arrow, which made it way harder for me to get used to the controls. IMO, it should be one key for both tasks (since you can't recall the arrow if you have it, and you can't shoot it if you have to recall it)
  • Arrow moves about as fast as the player, so if you call it back and walk away it will lag behind you
  • Arrow, and occasionally, slimes clip through some walls (inside metal level was when it occurred to me)
  • This one's real bad; if you go to the next level without picking up your arrow, you just won't have it in the next level (this happened to me, and softlocked me)

Other than those few bugs, the game is great, and the visuals are SUPER pretty. 

Very creative concept! Unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough to get past the 4th puzzle or so, but definitely a very unique game!

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I'd say it's probably fine, but do tread carefully since people could consider it to be a violation of this rule:

- Games submitted to the GMTK Jam must not contain nudity, or hateful language or visuals.