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😂😂😂 yea, I really hope they do, too!

Thank you so much! This comment really means a lot :) I definitely plan on releasing a commercial game sometime in the future, but I'm glad to know I'm not too far from making something that people are willing to pay for ;) 

Hi! Thanks for letting me know, should've caught that myself 😅 I'll fix the bug but I won't upload the update unless there's another critical bug that needs fixing, as for some reason making a build of the game seems to break the dialogue half the time and I don't want to risk breaking the game yet again. As for the dialogue not being available after the first message, that bug should be fixed in the updated builds so give that a look if you're interested :)

Ah I see. Yeah building from a mac, or running that command and then uploading the build will only solve users having to run the command themselves, but yeah, the security thing I believe can only be resolved by signing the app through Apple which... no thanks. Good to know that running it through desktop app fixes the problem, though! Good tip :D

Hello! I've pushed a new update that adds a button to the top of the message screen which will allow you to disable the pixelation effect. Do give it a shot if you're still interested :)

Hi! Sorry about that, you're not doing anything wrong, just some weirdness caused by Unity. Please try the new "Updated Post-Jam" versions if you'd like to give it another shot :)

Hi! Sorry about that, I had some trouble tracking down the bug but it should finally be fixed. Please try the new "Updated Post-Jam" versions if you'd like to give it another shot :)

Also as an unrelated lil' tip, I was checking out your other games, A Crimp in Time in particular, and I noticed the little section about running the game on macOS. If you can get someone to run the chmod command for you (or if just make a mac build from within a mac it will do this step for you), you can upload that version of the program directly to Itch, and players will just have to right click > open to bypass Apple's "security precautions" without having to meddle with the terminal at all :)   (If be willing to do this for you, if you'd like, though because you'd be taking responsibility for something someone else modified you might want to have it done by someone you trust well) Keep making great stuff!

Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to give it another shot! I was actually considering having a button to disable the effect outright for this exact reason, but unfortunately I was very tight on time (I left the upload running overnight on the 26th and it finished uploading around 15 minutes before the deadline). Anyways, just to confirm, is the effect is still too strong even once you click on the phone and the zoom locks onto the phone? If you can't use the number row to select any responses, then that means you haven't locked onto the phone. The effect is greatly diminished once you enter the phone mode so if you could maybe send me a screenshot of what that looks like for you that would help me greatly :) I'll also try to upload a version with a dithering effect toggle in the future but I'm not sure when that'll happen. Hopefully soon, though!

I'm not 100% sure if I'm being honest, but it does vary depending on which path you take. It shouldn't be more than five minutes or so  :)

Looks great! Cool to see someone using Pico-8 :D

Oh, thanks a bunch! We might update the listing later on :) Can I just ask though, did you play the version that had the intro cutscene, main menu, tutorial, etc? Or did the one you play go straight into the game? But yeah, it's not finished at all 😅

excellent, thank you :)

Major Jam 3: Retro community · Created a new topic Teams?

I just wanted to check if there are any kind of restrictions on number of team members or if teams are even allowed. 

Why the quotes? 

Oh interesting interesting. Nice!

Very well made shooting! Super fun.

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Holy hell this is maybe one of the most fun games i've played from this jam. At first I was like "oh ok so the player is out of control cause they can't handle the hose, not bad" but once I realized you could fly around with it? Game changer. 5/5 for sure. I do wish the hitboxes were a bit more generous since actually getting the water to hit the fires felt like a bit of a chore but that's nothing but a minuscule speck of dirt on this absolute gem of a game.

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Oh dang! I never even noticed the game size, my bad 😅 might be the textures. I'm glad you checked it out and enjoyed it though! I'll take a look at "You're Fired" :D

So I decided to investigate the game size.... Turns out I accidentally included a previous build .zip in the final game .zip 🙃 thanks for bringing it to my attention! 

I agree that the number of moves before reshuffling is kinda low, and I don't know how to feel about the fact that 50% of the game is rng, but it's still a very good game concept and also well excecuted! 

Very interesting game! super unique. One small critique is i wish there was a way to quickly restart since it's easy to get softlocked. 

The dating sim seems a little unnecessary and it seem like it didn't matter if I got hit or not, but the bullet hell sections were pretty well made. Great gameplay in an ok story.

Very cute! Love Jimmy's model, but i wish the camera controls were a little better, though that didnt stop me from enjoying the game

That was spookier than i expected! Very well done. And i'm glad to finally see a Godot game on here :D

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Love the jazz theme! And it's def. super fun. I must say though, I'm not thrilled with the fact that you have to run an installer to play it though.

Oh why thank you so much you kind stranger :)

Great game and the controls are definitely out there. Very fun!

Very cute game! and I like the idea of you can't control when you attack, but in a way that you want to avoid attacking. very clever!

Very pretty game! graphics are shockingly good, and those chickens are def. out of control ;)

Very nice game! I love the game concept! One small critique is it's very difficult to get any kills, since all the enemies move so fast and the "hero" ship doesn't shoot fast/consistently enough to focus fire on one single target. While this makes the game a bit more difficult to play it's definitely faithful to the game theme so great job!

Hey! nice game! I'd suggest you put screenshots so people can see what the game is about (i didn't know it would be tetris-related until i started playing) also i'd suggest you add some sort of indication of how/what makes your score go up since I didn't know score was even being tracked. Overall, very nice game! 

Funny story, the original Snipe board game was also created for assignment for the very same class this game was created for, and this game was a follow-up assignment, so that's probably why most people haven't played the original ;)

congrats on getting Mark to play your game! 😀

Well the way I suggest to do it would be to start with a controlled, pre-created game scenario where the player's only option is obvious, and that way the player will figure out the mechanic on their own, for example, putting the player in a scenario where all they can do is gain control over an ant, and not worry the player with other more advanced mechanics and such. Once the player successfully comprehends this mechanic slowly escalate the game to introduce other mechanics, perhaps with a simple guide to each mechanic somewhere on the screen. I know that's much easier to do in a level-based game like mine, but perhaps there's some way to do something similar in yours :) good luck!

Like others have mentioned, it's rather difficult to get into, but it's quite streamlined for an RTS made during a 2-day game jam. Very well done!

Good luck to you as well 😊 I can tell a great deal of effort was put in to your game!

Pretty well made, some small improvements could be made (though considering it was made during a game jam, it's impressively well done) 

I gotta say though... CRAZY coincidence; I made a very similar game for Android a couple years ago 🤯 I'm glad someone else had the same idea 😄

Thanks for making it! To be fair, you managed to get a whole lot done in just a day!