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Hey, sorry to bother you, I've recently gotten your game trough another account to play it as a home game but I've been greatly inspired by it and wanted to ask you a few questions.
First of all I want to just give a huge positive review and endorsement to this game, it was a lot of fun to run a couple sessions in and I think that it works super well with hexcrawls.
I've particularly appreciated the way in which you remix the Iron Core system (which I definitely would like to steal for my own work) 3 dice rolls to create your character's "health bars" with Health Stress and Supply and the design space that is in there, which has inspired me to work on similar mechanics and expand from there, it seems like a super interesting design space. Also props for shouting out safety tools, I know its becoming kind of a standard in the industry but at the same time I still see so many that don't so I appreciate it.

Secondly I'd like to ask you permission to do a couple of things with your game (I know you already extend it at the bottom of the PDF but I always like to try and contact the author when I try to do something with a game).

(A) I'd like to review it for our small leftie RPG YouTube channel focusing on idie games and non US-based designers. We are a collective of left leaning mostly queer folks trying to talk about all sorts of games and tools in the RPG space.

(B) We like from time to time to do interviews with game designers, would you be down to have a chat (in your time, should last about 30-45 min) about this game or any other project you are working on?

(C) I've been working for a long time (couple of years) on an Hexcrawl setting and system and I'd like to borrow/ steal some ideas from your work (giving you credit) and wanted to ask you if that would be cool

That said just wanted to thank you for your time and effort in making this game and wanted to let you know that A) I'll be now downloading it again (and pay you this time) and B) it was a pleasure to read your work (wolves at the gate too but haven't gotten a chance to play it yet)

PS. Sorry for wall of text

Loved playing this, though I've only got one game in, currently working on a review for our group liveplay YouTube channel (dunno if it's allowed to link here, might try when we manage). Also as a DM I've loved building the dark (ended up stealing solipsistgames method and making my own deck out of modified magic cards). I'm looking forward to run it a second time (possibly next month, possibly recorded for YouTube) and to use a lot of the stuff build in the dark for my other games (some of the creatures from Shades are beautiful nightmare fuel). Also thank you for making me aware of The Script Change RPG Toolbox, we used Lines and Veils up to this point and we are finding this second tool super useful as well 

Woot Woot. amazing game, had a session a few weeks ago and had a blast, though some painful character deaths. Planning to record a session for our YouTube soon ish!