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Another great game that I really enjoyed by Max Horror. Loved the atmosphere and the story line. Plus the intro is 10/10 Good job mate

Its One crazy game! I didnt know what was going on  most of the time but I did enjoy it and the music was 10/10

Thanks for the experience. I really enjoyed the feel of this game and that it wasn't chasing cheap scares. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll bring in the future.

No problem mate. Thankyou for the game and the goosebumps, I've followed you so I'll look forward to your future creations

Good short story horror. I enjoyed this as dark as it is and has plenty of jump scares

Thanks. I really enjoyed your game. The atmosphere and uneasy feel, was spot on

Hey! I certainly couldnt tell that it was an unfinished game and really enjoyed it, both story and game. I hope you keep creating in to the future.

A terrifying experience

A very intense experience

Contempt is what i look for in short indie horror games. Thankyou Sir

Good job mate, you polished it up nicely