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someone probably left it there

What the heck

This game has gotten too easy

Carried them

It only took us 5 minutes to win

This game's easy and I play on a laptop without a mouse

Act like your AFK then when they come up to you for the fist kill whip out your shotgun and kill them

Look at mine from five days ago

15x scope baby

How did I get both of these in a normal game

I carry

who else is better at solo squads than regular solos?

He asked for it so I carried him.

New personal record 17 kills

Easy win.

They only did 47 damage to me

How did I get such a good start

No kill win.

No scope challenge


This is what I found final 8

Its a 15x scope.

Random squad, 20 kills.

This is how you win.

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I'm creeped out. I've got a super uncommon real name and I just killed someone final 2 with my name spelled correctly too.

New Solo record 14 kills.

Too easy.

My new record 16 kills then some idiot had to ruin it.

Solo Squad

They were carried

I went to their air drop and threw frag grenades.

I carried them to an easy victory.