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Dema hey? TOP fan i assume?

Great game too, well done!

Is this another SidonxLink thing?

yh will do didn't try that before, just assumed it was unavailable everywhere

I'm using the client, but no platforms are shown.

It just says Not Available for Windows

Says Not Available on Windows... Is this because its being patched or something, or something else? Looks real neat, would *really* like to give it a go

It'd be great to see this up and running again, maybe with a fresh new set of memes XD

Cool game, found a way to survive infinetly by alternating between bordom from the books and cancer from the tv, perhaps allow for multiple causes of death to be active simultaneously?

So... What are the controls for keyboard?

Thanks for that.

Does LAN need Hamachi too?

Does this require Super Crate Box?

Pretty Neat. Maybe add a punch animation?

Doesn't work for me on Windows... Game crashes on loadup, don't even get to the home screen

Ok thanks, I didn't realise it only scanned for local hosts.

The list of servers doesn't work...

Looks Noice