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I had an error on affinity for a while that spawned extra pages. Id correct it but the original file was lost when some stuff got deleted accidentally.

Oh heck yeah - really pumped!

Big West Of Loathing Vibes. Loved it - probably going to fool around with this after the jam, actually. No clue how you managed to do this during the jam - it's super impressive!

I had a good time with this one! Great hook, and the button was implemented well <3.

LOVED IT! Inject this 00s Weeb nostalgia right into my veins. Seriously though, a enjoyable little game, and very funny too!

Loved this one - surprisingly addictive. The extra little graphical details were impressive (faces changing etc). The sound was a bit wonky though.

Got stuck on the invisible maze. Had a good time though! :)

My friend Adira ( ) gave me the idea with a game she's working on. I adapted it to single player, but I can't take all the credit. Excited to play your game btw!

Thanks for the constructive crits. It's really important to me this is a 1 player game as I'm trying to make more of those. That said adding something after a 6 is rolled would be good. Maybe a rage style attack? The Knife Lady could be clarified more - maybe specifying that she always goes first or something like that? Anyway, thanks for your opinion! If I get around to doing edits I'll make sure to add your suggestions in.

It's separate DLC - sorry friend :P

Yeah its definitely a drinking game lmao. Thanks for much for the compliments! I like using this Jam to experiment with game mechanics in a cozy setting. Its super nice to get comments since this is really a VG jam.

Thanks so much!

Oh yeah totally - looking forward to playing more!

I really loved this game. My friend works in Japan and drinks with a lot of Salarymen. He's also been to some pachinko parlors. From what he's described this game evokes those feelings very well, while also being a game and not a literally slot machine. I really enjoyed myself playing it and tying paddle movement and ball drops to one button was a stroke a genius - I am a big fan and would love to see a version of this with more boards and maybe a story attached.

I really liked this game! The opening is super cute <3

Would love a stock photo! Love the jam btw <3

Ah gotcha! It should be swapped to pay what you want now - sorry for the delay!

I’m totally fine with having my stuff shared! Sorry for the late response, bipolar has been kicking my ass.

I don't know if this has been asked/answered, but I'm making a furry-esque TRPG that's suuuuuuuuuuper big in scope. Like maybe 200+ pages, with some bonus scenarios. I want to post some stuff related to it so I can get feedback before release, but most of the project would be done during the jam. Can I do that? Basically demos and devlogs for the game as I make it.

Ah thanks! I'm not a big twitter person so I didn't realize that part, but it's nice to know if I have a question I can post it on the!

I love folklore and I'm hoping to have a lot of fun on this Jam, even if I'm somewhat late to the party. I was curious if there's a discord - I love connecting with other devs, especially other folklore enthusiasts.

I need to learn about role-master! I've heard it's interesting.

I did! Thanks for much for looking at my game, even though it was a tabletop game. Subbed to you channel as well.

Controls quite well!

Lots of fun, and a great OST! Where can I find it? The gameplay was a ton of fun to. I'd recommend smoothing over the geometry though, as it can be a little annoying sometimes.

A ton of fun! Would love a copy of the OST, me and my friends got some good chuckles out of it. I'd reccomend smoothing over the Geometry though, as things can go from fun to Frustrating