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Have the emails been sent out? I don't want to miss this.

Holy shit. Not someone who suffers from physical pain but really feeling this in regards to trauma work. Thank you so much.

This game(s) is so fucking good holy shit.

Yo this game rules. Might introduce some friends to it.

No yeah, Ostermad did a great job.

See Above

This game rules wtf! Definitely gonna pick this game apart and take some notes!

This ruled! Loved the whole damn thing. Really brought me out of a bad mood <3

Thanks for helping me rediscover my favorite genre! Low-poly 3D walk-around games. Thank you so so much for putting this out! It's wonderful <3

Ah yeah! We updated the background - sorry about that. Try giving it a read now.

Oh! also forgot. Game time is up to you, but it's best as a 1hour + game. When we tested, we ran 2 hours sessions, but it can go longer if people want.

You need at least 1 GM and 1 Player. We recommend a GM and 3-5 players to get a really good game out of it though. We've been considering making a solo version, and, if that's something you want please tell us!

Absolutely fabulous!!!

Oh damn this pixel art is gorgeous! How did you make them yourself?

We grew up with the like.. original brown box - even pre white box from our dad. Love to see this in 20XX form. Any plans to expand this in 3 postcards ala ODnD or are you leaving this alone.

Yo this shit rules, literally perfect. Love to see stuff that makes me want to push my own design, in the TTRPG space

The rumours are 1d6. There is typo on Grutist, altar should be room 5. It is a One Dude Dungeon because there is only one NPC. As for other questions, ask away ~

God that's such an honor, to have an impact on someones mind. Please, run it! And tell me about it! Tell everyone about it! <3

holy shit thanks so much. I've been pushing myself to do more small, micro projects and worry less about like... 20 dollars, 80 pages this. Super glad you liked it <3

I had an error on affinity for a while that spawned extra pages. Id correct it but the original file was lost when some stuff got deleted accidentally.

Oh heck yeah - really pumped!

Big West Of Loathing Vibes. Loved it - probably going to fool around with this after the jam, actually. No clue how you managed to do this during the jam - it's super impressive!

I had a good time with this one! Great hook, and the button was implemented well <3.

LOVED IT! Inject this 00s Weeb nostalgia right into my veins. Seriously though, a enjoyable little game, and very funny too!

Loved this one - surprisingly addictive. The extra little graphical details were impressive (faces changing etc). The sound was a bit wonky though.

Got stuck on the invisible maze. Had a good time though! :)

My friend Adira ( ) gave me the idea with a game she's working on. I adapted it to single player, but I can't take all the credit. Excited to play your game btw!

Thanks for the constructive crits. It's really important to me this is a 1 player game as I'm trying to make more of those. That said adding something after a 6 is rolled would be good. Maybe a rage style attack? The Knife Lady could be clarified more - maybe specifying that she always goes first or something like that? Anyway, thanks for your opinion! If I get around to doing edits I'll make sure to add your suggestions in.

It's separate DLC - sorry friend :P

Yeah its definitely a drinking game lmao. Thanks for much for the compliments! I like using this Jam to experiment with game mechanics in a cozy setting. Its super nice to get comments since this is really a VG jam.

Thanks so much!

Oh yeah totally - looking forward to playing more!

I really loved this game. My friend works in Japan and drinks with a lot of Salarymen. He's also been to some pachinko parlors. From what he's described this game evokes those feelings very well, while also being a game and not a literally slot machine. I really enjoyed myself playing it and tying paddle movement and ball drops to one button was a stroke a genius - I am a big fan and would love to see a version of this with more boards and maybe a story attached.

I really liked this game! The opening is super cute <3

Would love a stock photo! Love the jam btw <3

Ah gotcha! It should be swapped to pay what you want now - sorry for the delay!

I’m totally fine with having my stuff shared! Sorry for the late response, bipolar has been kicking my ass.

I don't know if this has been asked/answered, but I'm making a furry-esque TRPG that's suuuuuuuuuuper big in scope. Like maybe 200+ pages, with some bonus scenarios. I want to post some stuff related to it so I can get feedback before release, but most of the project would be done during the jam. Can I do that? Basically demos and devlogs for the game as I make it.

Ah thanks! I'm not a big twitter person so I didn't realize that part, but it's nice to know if I have a question I can post it on the!