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Thanks, if you want to follow the guy who made the art  :

Thank you ! Glad you liked it !

Oh. That's really weird, try to extract the  game in a new and empty file. 

Thank you so much for this comment ! We actually think about making a commercial game with this concept. 

I didn't have a lot of time to make the level design, so i'm not really happy with it. It's gonna be better in the future ! Stay tune ! 

Thank you !

Thank you for your comment ! We think about fixing this issue after the jam is over, we have some solutions but we reflect to find the best one. 

We think about it :) 

Thank you ! 

If you want to follow the graphic designer of the game :

Don't hesitate to follow the guy who made the art : 

and the sound :

Slime castle is really cool too :3

Actually, we think about making a bigger game with that concept. And definitely yes, we're gonna change the look of the moving enemies.

Thank for the comment ! 

Thank you! Glad you liked it ! 

Thanks for the rate ! "Lurking in the dark" is also a 5 star rating :)

Aaaah devil dice, a cool game ! We think about making more levels after the jam is over, stay tune! 

Thank you !

Here's ours : Yodo, a cursed puzzle game

Simple, hard but gooood ! 

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Here's ours. YODO, a cursed puzzle game :

Played and rated your game ! 

Here's ours :

Want a cursed puzzle game ?

Oh i didn't see it ! -_- 

Cool game. Not exactly the same but yeah, a little bit similar. 

Cool concept and cool level design :) 

Unfortunately we had a similar idea, check it if you want

Here's ours :

A cursed puzzle game 

A good concept and graphics are really cool ! Nice work ! 

Here's ours :

A cursed puzzle game.

Wish you luck :

Played and rated yours !

Check ours :

A cursed puzzle game. 

It's really hard but it's really cool ! 

Seems like a cool topic ! 

Check our game :

A cursed puzzle game.

Hey ! We made a cursed puzzle game 

Check it :

Played and rated your game, that was cool ! 

Check ours :

Thank you ! :)

Thank you ! We see that bug a too late unfortunately  :/   it doesn't appear in fullscreen mode.

Thank you! Glad you liked it.

Thanks for the feedback ! After i saw your note, I put a warning on the page for flashing effects. I'm going to put this warning on the game as soon as possible !

C'est très gentil, Pong deluxe est vraiment très bien aussi =D

Merci, beaucoup !

Génial, merci !

Merci ! On voulait mettre des contrôles manettes mais on ne l'a pas fait par manque de temps. Aussi je ne pense pas qu'on pourra  le mettre sur steam greenlight, étant donné que ça n'existe plus :) . Je t'inivite à suivre nos comptes twitter, pour connaitre le futur de ce projet. Merci d'avoir joué et d'avoir pris le temps d'écrire un commentaire.