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Hey, if it's about user permission you need to use the terminal, copy-paste the code:  sudo chmod -R 755  and proceed to drag the game file on the terminal window. You'll be able to open the file then! :)

Thank you for releasing this beautiful template! Just a quick question: how can I change the toggle icon for the menu? I cannot find it for the life of me 🤦‍♀️

You can play it on mac if you use Porting Kit!

This is honestly one of the most interesting games I've seen on this website. The story is intriguing along with the characters and the lore — and I've been playing this demo over and over with different characters/behaviors and each time I choose different answers I keep discovering new branches of dialogue. And the art is incredible, considering this is going to be a free game!

I've noticed the chart containing different characteristics regarding the heroine, and every time I go through the story I always check on it. And I can just say that it's an amazing idea and shows how much you have worked on the details of dialogues and the whole plot. I can't wait to see the full version tomorrow when it comes out.

One quick question: which program did you use to make this game?