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english version?

any chance of VTT assets?

Any additional copies for porting this onto Foundry VTT?

very good item selection

I would like to experiment with putting this game onto foundry VTT, is there some more community copies? Some of the content works well with the Morkborg Foundry VTT module already.

Good for Morkborg

Great map.

is this an extension of the official death ziggurat?

got it, the tiles look great for use in mork borg cities.

I tried using Hexkit however it seems the orientation is incorrect.

can u change the download to have a single webp instead of a pdf?

whats a good program to use to put this together?

(1 edit)

can this be rotated around for use with hex kit? Or is there some other program I can use?

either would work, im experimenting with using these with Foundry VTT.

Is there a version with the cards as individual images?

is there a full picture of the map?

Is it possible to have these with a different border? Foundry VTT has tokens that have a grungy border.

Do I have permission to port this into the Official Mork Borg Foundry VTT? You will be properly credited like all the other included custom classes of course.

extremely under rated

looks great for Mork Borg

Finally a perfect one for Mork Borg

Excllent qaulity