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Thank you! It’s way more pleasant to play the game at sunlight with the wireframe enabled. And it’s a good choice to include it in all platforms, since laptops can suffer from the same brightness issue as well.

I liked the red crosses, they were actually helpful for navigation. But maybe it’s just me!

I’m sorry to hear that! Could you please tell what you didn’t like and how I could make it better?

Another option would be just a reverse color, i.e. make walls bright and the enemies and items dark. You could even do it by just using a shader that inverses colors.

Yes, great idea! This would certainly help a lot. Maybe also add an option to adjust the thickness of those outlines, if it’s not too difficult.

I already have some feedback for the Android version! Could you add a brightness setting? Because it’s really hard to play the game in sunlight, due to how dark it is!

Or, even cooler: a mode where textures of the walls are swapped for some brighter ones!

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Congratulations on the beta release and on not giving up! It’s really hard to persistently work on a single game for so long and not lose interest. I know it at first hand, I have several games stuck “in development”.

Also, I just installed the game on my Android device and… it’s staying there pretty much forever. ;-) It’s a very fun game to play while on the road.

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Those baby zombies >:-(

Really fun game! I love the idea of being “stuck” with an object that keeps you alive from zombies. My game has a very similar mechanics in fact! Including zombies. :-P

I managed to make it to the 7th wave with score 1010. It’s very addictive! “Just one more try, maybe I’ll make it further”.

So fun! So addictive! It’s incredible how such a simple idea is turned into an amazing game like this! My high-score is something along 18000. I have no idea how people in the comments get to 100000. :-P

Thank you for playing and for the positive feedback! I agree, the deceleration might be a bit too long, I’ll adjust it to be shorter. :-)

I’m not good at card games, but I really like mechanics in this one! It’s cool that enemies play cards that you don’t, it does change the way you play the game quite a lot. I really like the graphics, it’s very cute. Great game overall!

Wow, thanks a lot for the kind words! It’s nice to see such a positive review! This game was an all-nighter, so the bit about love may not be wrong. :-)

Such a simple and colorful game! It’s a lot of fun to swing around with your tongue as the world falls apart. :-D

What I would recommend is adding a score system. And maybe some collectibles, like coins, that give you some bonuses or extra score.

Thank you for playing! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! :-) I agree, that mining sound is way too loud! I already fixed it in the development build.

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Awesome game! Very well polished. Each mission makes good use of game mechanics. A small tutorial level perhaps would be good, the first level was very confusing for me: I didn’t know what to do with the escape pod, until I looked at the GIF on the game page.

Also, thank you for the Linux build and for open-sourcing your game!

Thanks for the feedback! I now clarified the controls on the game page. :-)

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! Many people complained about zombies, so I’m going to enable jumps to make it easier to evade them. And the score system is already planned for the game. :-)

Thanks a lot for playing and for the kind words! I was going for this “stressful” but rewarding feeling. :-)

It does, but for some reason I thought that the closest circle is the one that’s connected to my cursor at the moment. I didn’t think that if I moved the cursor to the left another circle would connect. And since then I never released the mouse button again. -_-

My experience tells me that it’s a good idea to be always explicit in tutorials, because there always will be stupid players like me. :-P

Very solid and well polished game! Has a nice professional feel to it, starting from the logos at the beginning and the GUI integrated into the game world, ending with awesome music and art!

I really enjoyed the docking mechanics in games like Elite, so it’s nice to see a whole game built around it!

The restart bug is unfortunate, but I totally understand, my game has a broken Windows build due to the last-minute upload. :-P

Simple but very fun game with original mechanics! I think you should explicitly mention in the tutorial that you can move both circles, I only learned that later in the game.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Good idea about different sounds for each gem, I’ll do that!

You actually aren’t the first to propose a similar way to control the carts, I personally like the gradual speed up, but I may add a rhythm game mode!

Thanks! More sound effects and improvements are coming. ;-)

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to implement a remap menu!

And there you go! :-)

Such a calm and well polished game, I could see myself playing this for hours! Awesome art and pretty relaxing music. Very original take on the theme also. I think you should upload some screenshots so that more people get interested in your game. This is 5/5/5 for me. Fantastic job! ;-)

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Thank you for playing! The jumping is actually already coded in the game, but I never used it during play-testing, so I remapped the Up button to mining. But jumping may be actually useful when your cart is on the edge of the map, so I’ll likely readd it!

This game is beautiful! Very original take on the theme. I love the graphics, the music, and the switching mechanics. My only complaint is movement - it felt a bit clunky. But otherwise fantastic game! :-)

Hey Kiwi!

Great idea about disabling zombies until player mined 1-2 ores, I’ll definitely do that! There’s a text tutorial already in the development build, just waiting on the voting period to end to upload it. :-)

About the train, do you mean just “teleport” it on pressing the down key or build up the speed faster? I personally like the way it is now, you can clearly feel the train’s weight as it speeds up gradually. But you gave me another great idea - I should set the train speed depending on the amount of carts. So it will be very fast at the beginning and will slow down as you get more carts.

So, wow, your suggestions are very helpful!

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback as always, and I really appreciate that you keep playing all my games. :-D


Thanks a lot! There’s already a tutorial in the development build, it will be released when the uploads are enabled again. ;-)

Super cool! Not only it’s my favorite fantasy creatures, it’s also presented in a cute and funny way! The mechanics of them “joining” together and climbing on each other is great (and very much in dwarven spirit)! And I love the music!

Awesome, thank you! Those are really nice suggestions! I was actually planning to include a score system, so it’s likely that it will end up in the game at some point!

Wow, such an amazing game! So simple but so fun! It’s really fun to plan the excavation with various drill types, and hoping that RNG will turn into your favor and destroy the cells that you want. And yay, I did it, I cleared the whole level!

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Hello, fellow Godot developer and Linux user. :-)

Awesome game, I really like all the puzzles and the gameplay feels very smooth. It was a bit difficult to simultaneously control 2 characters, but it added some fun challenge.

Amazing game with a cool and unique idea! The levels are interesting and well-designed. I really like the simplistic graphics and the calm music.

I’d like to know what properties for ores you have in mind. :-) Different ores were introduced to enrich the gameplay by making player mine them selectively. So, you can’t just spam mine everything (except for the first level), you have to stop your cart and align it with the desired ore.

And thanks for the kind words, I’m glad that you liked my game!

Very good art, cute characters, awesome (not too difficult and not too easy) puzzles! I love the emotions of the bots when you connect them! :-O :-)

So simple but so fun! This really shows that you don’t need a lot for a really fun experience. I love the art style and how smooth the gameplay is. Just grab the mace and smash everything!

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand, what hook are you referring to? There aren’t any hooks in the game as far as I’m aware. :-D And you don’t need to click the wall to mine an ore, you just press Up while below it.

But anyway, thank you for playing the game (if you didn’t confuse it with some other game) and for the kind words! :-)

I didn’t encounter any bugs while playing, except for the camera movement, it doesn’t seem to always follow me. But the biggest struggle for me was trying to understand what I need to do, because some parts of the game aren’t very clear. But once you do understand, it’s pretty easy.

Also, as a Linux user, I’d really appreciate a Linux build of the game. :-)

Awesome graphics, great level design! A bit creepy, but wholesome story. Great job! ;-)