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Day 69

This is pretty nice. Even if it is simplistic, it is hard, and requires a lot of pattern recognition. My highscore was three rows up. I give this an score of good/10.

My review of this game:

This game is fun. Like all games, when you first get into it, it's very hard, but as you traverse more rooms, you figure out the game more and more. However, it's still very hard. I found it extremely challenging to balance health and hunger. Weapon durability ran out very slow, and I would find weapons every so often, so I wasn't in trouble of fighting without a weapon. The "room randomization" mechanic was very well implemented and didn't feel tacked on. My favorite part about the room randomization is how you can influence it. I felt myself crossing my fingers, hoping for the spinner to land on the room I chose. The battle system also felt very fair, and I won every battle (Although maybe that's because I used all my skill points on strength). And finally, I never really got far in the skill point part, as I died on floor 4 or 5, but I thought it was pretty good. In all, I give this game a 10/10. Absolutely great work! Keep it up!

The described behavior appears to only happen on one really slow computer. So, if you can't run other HTML games on this site, or they just run really slow, I would not suggest playing this, unless you enjoy the experience of a black screen with "Level failed" showing up every few seconds.

It currently appears that this doesn't work on older computers. I will try to figure out how to fix that.