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Thank you for playing my game and for the feedback!

You should just be able to download the .zip file, extract the folder inside it and inside that folder is a executable to run called Infection.exe.  I hope you enjoy it!

You should have the option to press more info (I think is the highlighted text) and then select "run anyway".  Hopefully you should be able to run it!

This is a really cool and unique idea.  The levels look really nice too!

Sorry it only really fires forwards.  There are some upgrades that let you fire more in a cone but it’s still in front.  I should stop things spawning behind you - sorry about that.  Thanks for playing my game though!

Thank you so much for taking the time to play it!

Thank you so much for playing!  I totally agree - the first bit was pretty dull.  I should have added some ocean combat to spice it up.

That was so fun and unique.  I loved it!  It really made me want to keep playing to see what happened next.  Awesome work!

That was amazing!  Only got 4/5 secret endings though.  I was playing it with my husband and he was laughing so much he was crying!

Really cool point and click adventure.  I want to see what the king does next!

Thanks!  You are totally right - the gameplay was pretty lackluster, especially in the ocean.  The waves are a vertex shader but then I had to duplicate the code that made the waves (just a load of sin and cos waves combined to stop them looking too repetitive) in gameplay code so the objects could look like they floated.  I totally ran out of time because I think I got too ambitious - it’s my first game jam and I am a stay at home mum with two kids - I had to bribe their dad to take them out on Saturday so I could get some time to finish it off!

Thank you for playing it!  I ran out of time a bit on the ocean part - I totally agree it got really dull floating around with no challenge.  I should really make the aliens a bit bigger!


Thank you so much for the feedback and thanks for an awesome game jam!

Really fun game.  Firing feels really weighty.