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The Main Quest

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Look, I see what you're saying. I haven't asked the developer myself but based on the context of the game its pretty obvious it was made to elicit thought. Its showing people some of the things that you can do with 156 Billion dollars. Which, as it turns out, is quite a lot. Solve homelessness, fund 100 indie games, pay for a border wall and not build it, and still not even be close to out of money. The propaganda you're talking about is people sharing their opinions. Some people decide to do that like an asshole and we can't control that. People should argue and disagree! It's good for the discussion and personal growth. The bad part, is when someone is being a total prick when they do it.

If you just enjoyed the game and didn't care to notice any of the social commentary that's fine too. You're allowed to just play a silly game without getting involved in the discussion afterwards.

I avoided this game for so long because I thought it was lame to immortalize billionaires the way we do in the United States. Oh, how I was so wrong about this beautiful beautiful game.

Actually, the whole point of the game WAS to inspire people to talk about capitalism, inequality, and wealth. So, you trying to ride the fence here is pointless.