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These are awesome 😍


this is awesome 😍😍

Awesome game!!

I love the art style. 😃

Great assets !!

Gorgeous !! 

Anything that's by 0x72 has to be awesome :P

I was wondering, how about an (paid) expansion of this? An exterior tileset in the same style, containing buildings, parks , avenues and love 😍. 

I will buy it in a flash regardless of its price. I have had too much fun with this one,  and I bet it 'll be way more awesome.

Beautiful (and amazingly beautiful)

love them ❤️

Although I can't buy it atm, yet I must say : Awesome art!!

I love the art style !!

Love them!! Thanks a lot for setting 'em free.

beautiful!  Do you plan to update it more? 

great assets.


Beautiful art!

Great work. Really made me cry. :sniff:


I have been trying to purchase this pack for days. But everytime I proceed to checkout with paypal, I get an error - 400, your request could not be processed.

How do I solve this isuue, and buy that pack?

Thanks in advance

Hello again,  Robert, 

I will eagerly await the updates, surely they are gonna be great, especially the pixel dudes one. 

As for ceilings,  I mean something like this. The ceilings are colored kinda black there, but I meant  something similar. True,  I also haven't seen a dungeon with ceilings,  so feel free to move this to the bottom of your priorities.

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Just registered on itch to say that your art is pretty awesome. I have been wandering around game art assets sites for quite some time and I must say that I have seen very few assets that are as noteworthy as yours,  and even fewer that are free and CC0. I have been playing around with your art assets for months, and I have begun to like the perfectness with which they are created (Especially the characters).  Your two dungeon assets already have so much assets and combining them with "pixeldudesmaker" gives almost 100s of distinct characters and stuff.

Thank you so much for providing such beautiful assets for free :P.

BTW,  a few suggestions/requests (as you like it):-

  • All of your doors are front views (in both the dungeons), can you extend them by adding some side view doors.
  • A flowing lava/acid tile, maybe
  • Some ceiling tiles ( nothing special, just a tile in darker shade)
  • A flaming torch
  • A small update to pixeldudesmaker, with probably some new clothing items.

BTW Thanks again..