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Actually, I didn't create any of the art xD. I teamed up with my friend Avalon ( for this jam and he helped me with the art. Again. Not prioritizing the feedback is a mistake I made as the developer and I hope to improve this in my future games.

There's not much visual or very obvious feedback. You did in fact give the janitor your broom. You just don't know that you have done so. And a specific camera for 3 seconds has to be active to exit the cctv camera. We ran out of time to add the feedback and we decided at the end, Done is better than perfect. The scope of the project was too large and I'm sorry about that. We have defiantly learnt our lesson XD.


I did. The voice said so

The R key should respawn the ball. 

SHHHHHHHHH. Nobody should know. Its meant to be impossible. lol. Thank you for ye kind words!

Thank you! and yea sorry, When testing my games i crank my  sensitivity all the way up to help me complete it slighlty faster. Weird trick but it proves helpful. Thank you for all the kind words!

The ball should have repsawned when you press R. Thank you, the voices were the hardest part to do! And the voice isnt me lol. Its one of my friends. At the end they are creditted. Sound to the movement woudl have been nice yes. It kinda slipped my mind tbh. and yea tehrs a bug with the second level. The maze reshuffle is insane tbh. It completly disorientates you. Your lucky you made i on time. Tank you for all the kind words and your feedback is much appreciated!

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Tysm! I thought they would be awful but aparently not

Thank you! Your game was pretty good too!

Amazing game! The mechanics were great to work with. Only thing i would change is the way the UI is laid out.

Amazing game! Loved the uniqe mechanic.

I love the art style and teh game felt realy good. However the controlls were hard to use. Good Game tho! Well done

Absolutly amazingt Game! You took the theme and turned it into somthing quite immersive and fun to paly! Add some sound effects and some intense music and you fot yourself an amazing game!

Amazing game! felt realy good and the music was great!

Amazinging game! Loved teh feel of it! Especialy the "I love cookes" easter egg lol. Howeve i kidna felt lost whn it came to the objective of the game (Or im just a very dumb person). I highly suggest you give even the smallest bit of help o the player. Well done tho!

Yea, it was teh first time i actuly had to focus on how a full game looks, And i kinda rushed it. Normally im working with others and they take charge of how the game looks whil i focus on coding. Thanks For playing it!