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Thanks, I'm really glad that you liked it!

Thanks, Yubs! Life is all about choices, and so are game jams!

I really liked it, mostly the overall design and the simple yet captivating progression system. For the whole time I just wanted to see the giant carrots, and i wasn't disappointed.

For me the bugs' and carrots' grabbing areas were a bit too small, it was hard to catch them at times. But most probably it's my own issue, as I like my cursor to be super sensitive.

A really fun and well-designed game, keep up the good work!

Thanks, your comment is awesome!

You got it totally right, that's the best strategy! I'm really glad that you figured it out and liked the game!

Thanks for the suggestion! This was meant to be a really short and simple game, but if I wanted to expand it, I'd totally add a difficulty option, or more levels with different difficulties.

I'm glad you beat the game and liked it!

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Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it! :D
I'll keep the pacing in mind when expanding the game.

Thanks a lot! I'll rework the difficulty in the next update.