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I've gotten farther into the game with the dating routes and I would just like to thank you for the emphasis on consent! LIs are notifying you before they kiss you, and are very considerate when it comes to the more sexual side of things and that means a lot to me. In a lot of media no one ever asks and they just assume that it's okay, and seeing a representation of a healthy use of consent is a wonderful thing. So thanks for that :)

I totally understand what the game is meant to be and that the goal of the game isn't necessarily to date people. I really appreciate all of that and think the game is wonderful as it is. But I would also love a walkthrough just because I'm having trouble figuring out if I'm doing things right for specific routes. Which just brings me to ask if you think you'll ever do a walkthrough? If not, that's no problem, I'm just curious. Absolutely love this game and will definitely be playing it through a million more times :)

This game.. oh my god this game. This is wonderful in so many ways that I can't even describe. It's beautifully written, and even in the angstiest and most heartbreaking scenes still manages to make me laugh. Text based games are rarely ever able to make me cry, but this one did. I just don't know how to describe how much I love OP9. Thank you for making this.

Oh my god I am so glad I found this again!! I played this a couple years ago and it was such an amazing game that really stuck with me. I couldn't remember what it was called and couldn't find it since my computer broke and I wasn't able to save the game files and stuff. This game actually made me cry and is so amazing.

This game is something that I can't even express my full love for. There's immediately full acceptance for all gender expressions, sexualities, interests, etc. It has a wonderful story with believable (and at times hilarious) dialogue. It has a really cool atmosphere. The art style is perfect, I am in love with all of the characters. It's an amazing game. I just love this so much and can not wait to see what you do in the future. <3

The writing is hilarious and realistic, the graphics are wonderful, the romances are amazing. I can't get enough of this game.

This game is honestly wonderful. The art style is absolutely gorgeous and the writing is believable. As well as that you did literally nothing to romanticize mental illness (that I can tell) and that's a huge accomplishment when it comes to coverage of mental illness. I love the story and the characters! Can't wait to see what you do in the future!! <3

Oh. My. Goodness. The writing in this is phenomenal, it's so easy to fall in love with the characters, the are style is gorgeous, the dialogue is believable and not awkward. It's an amazing experience. I'm pretty picky with dating simulators because there's a lot of dialogue and when the dialogue isn't believable it's super hard to be immersed in the experience. Everything about this is amazing and I'm honestly disappointed it's not finished yet! Definitely keep working on this!! I can not wait for the full release! Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.