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I have had this in my steam watchlist for months now and to finally get hold of a playable version is superb even if in the rough, you are onto a winner here bigtime!
This game will be an instant classic for sure wacth this space ...
I'm addidcted already and have a few ideas brewing.

A few bits ive noticed whilst playing.

I have started a few worlds so far on different settings.

I'm managing to get a decent game from my creaky i3 laptop on mid range graphics and small map settings with onboard graphics on win10

Going big makes it lag badly which is expected but not hit any glitches as yet apart from the reverse conveyor belt switcher would only work when zoomed out which wasnt replicated when a fresh load up was played or since.

A few things i did notice which you might want to look at is the ores on the conyeyor belt are hard to see especially coal, needs a ton more decorations to play with too but it is pre-alpha so i assume those will come as and when ready, is it possible to create our own reskins of products already in the game?

35 hours played in over a few days and a few of those were click and leave hours on fastest setting, i managed to accumulate £145m in a few hours on base resource selling not processed items apart from wood products.

The settings all seem to be working well and quite balanced but ive yet to go extreme on the settings yet till ive 100 hours of normal settings under my belt.

All in all a superb reinvention of the genre and i can see huge potential for this game especially with the modding capabilities and beyond and cannot wait for more meat on the bone... whens the next update!!!