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The Honey Pot - Angelissa

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Who knew taxes were fun.... Maybe

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Had a LOT of fun with this game...

Loved this, really funny and frustrating haha x

No thank you for a great game and I absolutely loved it. So much suspense and that bloody mannequin :D Looking forward to Act 3 x

I can't wait for Act 3 - Hyped to have come across your game, was amazing! keep up the incredible work

Fantastic game - Really hyped for Act 3 

Fantastic game - Looking forward to Act 3  x

Cool game

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Adorable game 
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Eee this was cute and a bunch of fun to play...

Scareverse Jam 23' community · Created a new topic Winner

Thank you everyone for submitting their games, the judges loved playing them and it was incredible to see so many amazing horror games... Keep working on the games if you can as they are absolute gems.

Also, thank you to you all for understanding with the extension to the judging.

After all... We do have a winner to announce...




Well done to ....... SKITTER!!! I will be reaching out to the dev shortly. Keep your eyes peeled for future game jams and remember to join the discord to speak and get advice from some of the friendliest devs and creators around


results will be released today / tonight! Apologies, got caught up in IRL stuff yesterday x

Yes that's fine so long as the old one is labelled specifically for the scareverse jam 😊

Due to the amount of entries and IRL issues, we will be putting a two week extension on the judging so all games are fairly played and judged. Please bear with us and the winner will be announced on Monday 13th November

Thanks for your understanding 

I actually thought I already had... Done and appreciate the reminder 🙂 

Its private jury consisting of a horror stream team called CEOs of Screams who are all established horror content creators ❣️

Yea, that’s fine, there is no exclusivity to this jam as long as the rules have been followed 😊

All games will be judged on their individual merit 

If you are capable of making two games which followed the rules and were not started until after the official date as stated, then sure, there is no reason you cant submit two games

Cute game - Slight tweaks on sounds especially within the quiet points of the game - Video is scheduled for release next weekend : 

Game was so much fun - Thank you for making it. My video playing the game is scheduled to go live Friday x

the theme is just horror … You can create anything with a horror element but bear in mind the marking critique 


Yes I can’t see why fan games wouldn’t be allowed. As long as credit is given where necessary and the rules are followed x

You are more than welcome to join the discord as ask for help in the game jam session there. However, if you don't want to, you don't have too, please let me know and I can ask for you :) x

Fava - Can you please check your DMs on Twitter or contact me regarding your submission to the Pixel Art Jam :) Thanks x

Can you DM our owner Angelissa (No Hashtag Required)

I can't seem to find you on discord to DM you x

Hey everyone,

We are a community staff and creators within the indie industry.

We have recently created an Indie Game newsletter on a bi-weekly basis which aims to highlight some demos, new release, creators and more... However, I wanted to incorporate an section to promote your wonderful games which are exclusive as we all know for one reason or another, not everyone is on Steam or other promotional platforms.

If you wish to take part and have your game featured, please feel free to fill in the form:

If you have any questions, please let me know.

We are just trying to help give exposure to as many games as possible.

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Think one of our community members got too excited?

 I bet they looked jumpscared on the dancefloor

Hey Konrad, if you are looking for a team, feel free to join the discord and ask, there is a section where you can ask for people to work with x

Ideally all submissions need to be posted in discord as that’s where the jury are ❤️ And yes you can use pre made assets x

Pixel Art Game Jam community · Created a new topic Discord

Don’t forget for all the new people who have joined… Join the discord, here you can ask for team mates if needed (max of 3), ask questions and also this is where submissions will take place ❤️

Discord link:

Hey Michael,

Hope you are well.

If you wish to join the discord, there is a section for looking for a team, you could post in there and see if anyone is available

Link :

Hope you like this x - TiKTok

The discord has a section for asking a team mates so feel free to join and ask away ❤️

Didn't get 100% but will keep trying - Such a great game : 

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Aboslutely adorable... Loved every second x 

This game is beyond adorable... Love the cuteness and the challenges! : 

Also made a short... :