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Oops. Went too much. If you played on the new hard mode, perhaps you'll be able to complete it on the default difficulty. Good to hear Desert Fury bringing the fam together, though. Happy Halloween dude

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be taking them into account in the next update.

Listen here, buddy. This game is a lot of things. Masterpiece, Revelation, and Pioneer to name a few. But it is NOT easy. You may have a high IQ, but funnily enough, mine's higher. And I can tell that you are just saying it was easy because you wish to discount the achievement for those who made it to the secret ending all in the name of appearing to be a "gamer master". Well guess what? I'm gonna make it harder anyway, because you asked for it. And yes, I have seen Rick and Morty, but I think Family Guy is funnier.

Thanks for your input. Thanks for playing. Stay cool, bro.

Thanks for the constructive feedback! I'll be trying out this game shortly.

Added mac port

Have you played Desert Fury?