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I really loved this, can't wait to play the 2nd episode!

I got this game as my weekly it's NAP time game, and I must say... it's amazing!

This, is BY FAR the best game of this century!

It was my time to play this game for "it's NAP time" a little thing my community is doing as a way to give back to the developers, spreading the word about their games.

I'm not a huge fan of Visual Novels, but I can definitely tell this is one of the higher quality ones.

Me and some other content-creators that are part of my discord (theNAP) have decided on creating a "Indie game showcase series" that we call 'It's NAP Time', and this was the first game in that series!

Subterrarium - It's NAP Time

Oooh I never knew you were Dutch (or at least speak Dutch)! Graag gedaan :)

I also used to be in a little band... and was a master at Donkey Konga. I think that training made me good with rhythm xD

Wow, I really loved this little gem. The beats were amazing, and I can't wait to find out if there will be a followup game.

I loved the idea behind this game! Even tho the demo is a little short, I'm looking forward to what it may bring in the future

I wanted to play the game ever since I saw the visuals, but I did not expect how it made me feel. This game's surrealism really speaks to me, and I think I fell in love with it a little bit

I indeed realized that some options disappeared because I've already completed those without his help. But I remembered he needed 40 peanuts, so I got them, without realizing I've already completed that task by the time I got 40 peanuts XD

I totally forgot to post it here. This game is fun! (except the 40 peanuts gathering part grrr!)

Wow, I loved this game! But holy crap does it take fine platforming..

But, there was no option to get that upgrade once the battle started... Which blocked me from proceeding

So.. I played it, but reached a boss that I couldn't defeat. Did I do something wrong?

This really was Every Metroidvania Game Ever. I could clearly feel bits and pieces clicking together in my mind, and most Metroidvania games I've played could be attached to that.

Even tho I do not understand the humor from Seinfeld, I did enjoy this game a lot!

This was the exact game I needed at the time of playing. This cheered me up so much!!

Now this was a fun game to play, even tho I really had troubles with the controls.

Even tho I was very confused at the beginning, and didn't know what to do, it all worked out well in the end.

Well this was... different

This game surprised me! I thought it was a never ending hack n slash, but it actually had a gradation in difficulty! And that boss fight was sweet!

All these good memories! Adam West was best chubby Batman

I don't know what kept on happening, but that jumping mechanic was really weird

This was one hell of a game! Man I was scared the entire trip!!

Fun little concept, addictive too!

I guess I won't be going to prom then..

A fun little game, it's a shame there was no audio tho

Hey Greg!

Nah, the screen was simply this dim, if you look at my other videos you'll see they're quite bright. I'm not sure why it was so dim tho, but I still assume it was some kind of ingame setting, or perhaps the way my videocard handles your game? (I'm clueless)

The mechanics to theirselves are good, the slab puzzles, where you have to put angels on them to keep them pressed down, can become frustrating but that has nothing to do with the mechanics, it all comes down to timing and skill. 

The game itself felt smooth, controls wise and the visuals are stunning.

Thanks for the compliment about my voice, I appreciate it. And it was my pleasure to make the video. Thanks for creating the game!

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I love Dr. Who, and I LOVE the weeping angels. This game was a bit confusing at time tho..

Short but high quality, tho the plot really confused me

It gave me the creeps on all the right places

Such a lovely game, tho it became pretty difficult once all electrics were on

I loved this game! Got bumped into the wall at some point, but still...

This was way too short. But I loved the concept very much!

Even tho I got stuck a few times, the twist and voice acting were really helping with the atmosphere

this is clearly a "Get OUT of this Dungeon" rip-off

Thanks for asking me to play this game, what a torture it was! But how great it felt when I finally had gotten out!

I really did! It's an aesthetically pleasing game, and I look forward to see more of you in the future

This reminds me a lot of Takeshi's Castle!