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I loved this very much, but I think I may have found a bug?

This game is basically all you need if you're even the slightest fan of vaporwave. 10/10 experience

I'm really mesmerized by this short interlude. The art-style, the characters, the atmosphere... just, wow

As a mini-golf lover, I really enjoyed this game, and was quite disappointed there weren't more levels. But, the game itself is actually really good!

Well, this was extremely overwhelming and fun! I wonder, are there any secrets I may have missed?

Now, on to the next one! I'm looking forward to it

Well, this was a surprise and I had a lot of fun playing it. The atmosphere is really there, you did a good job by creating this story and all surroundings, it was pretty convincing. Well done Arctos!

Well, this was certainly an experience..

This game tells a perfect story of acceptance or the lack of it, and finally the complete destruction of the world because of it. It makes no sense and I love it!

Such a heart warming little game, kudo's for the perfect storytelling in poem mode. This game breathes "Christmas"!

This was certainly an experience. I normally dislike horror games but this physchological approach really speaks to me:

So, I unpacked the .zip file and found a trojan virus...

I may have broken the game?

I really loved this, can't wait to play the 2nd episode!

I got this game as my weekly it's NAP time game, and I must say... it's amazing!

This, is BY FAR the best game of this century!

It was my time to play this game for "it's NAP time" a little thing my community is doing as a way to give back to the developers, spreading the word about their games.

I'm not a huge fan of Visual Novels, but I can definitely tell this is one of the higher quality ones.

Me and some other content-creators that are part of my discord (theNAP) have decided on creating a "Indie game showcase series" that we call 'It's NAP Time', and this was the first game in that series!

Subterrarium - It's NAP Time

Oooh I never knew you were Dutch (or at least speak Dutch)! Graag gedaan :)

I also used to be in a little band... and was a master at Donkey Konga. I think that training made me good with rhythm xD

Wow, I really loved this little gem. The beats were amazing, and I can't wait to find out if there will be a followup game.

I loved the idea behind this game! Even tho the demo is a little short, I'm looking forward to what it may bring in the future

I wanted to play the game ever since I saw the visuals, but I did not expect how it made me feel. This game's surrealism really speaks to me, and I think I fell in love with it a little bit

I indeed realized that some options disappeared because I've already completed those without his help. But I remembered he needed 40 peanuts, so I got them, without realizing I've already completed that task by the time I got 40 peanuts XD

I totally forgot to post it here. This game is fun! (except the 40 peanuts gathering part grrr!)

Wow, I loved this game! But holy crap does it take fine platforming..

But, there was no option to get that upgrade once the battle started... Which blocked me from proceeding

So.. I played it, but reached a boss that I couldn't defeat. Did I do something wrong?

This really was Every Metroidvania Game Ever. I could clearly feel bits and pieces clicking together in my mind, and most Metroidvania games I've played could be attached to that.

Even tho I do not understand the humor from Seinfeld, I did enjoy this game a lot!

This was the exact game I needed at the time of playing. This cheered me up so much!!

Now this was a fun game to play, even tho I really had troubles with the controls.

Even tho I was very confused at the beginning, and didn't know what to do, it all worked out well in the end.

Well this was... different

This game surprised me! I thought it was a never ending hack n slash, but it actually had a gradation in difficulty! And that boss fight was sweet!

All these good memories! Adam West was best chubby Batman

I don't know what kept on happening, but that jumping mechanic was really weird

This was one hell of a game! Man I was scared the entire trip!!

Fun little concept, addictive too!

I guess I won't be going to prom then..

A fun little game, it's a shame there was no audio tho