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A pretty solid time waster. i can see this type of idle deckbuklder being pretty fun if expanded upon so this is a good basis i wish it was a little more fleshed out but this feels more like a tech demo for the merger of genres and as it is i like it. maybe add like a speed run or timer to compare your fastest times getting through all 100 deckj shuffles and final score after the fact 

this game seems cute. Hope it comes to android 

This js a pretty good idea...bjt the text is kind ahard yo read. Loke I can still read jt but it looks too blocky for me. Otherwise I'm adding thje to my phone to play on my off time. Good job

I'll type and mess with it. I can see myself popping this in every nkw and then. Thanks 

Pretty fun. Is simple but it makes a good time waster and j mean thst in a good way. Im gonna bookmark this to play later...not sure it's on the Google play store or not but it should be

I like it. For some reason on Android it's a little off center and it would be kinda nice to see a numerical health bar to better keep track of mt units but oce i think irs pretty fun. We don't have enough score attack based card games

I've beem reallt enjoying this. The simple act of adding a relic system goes a long way to keep this game a little more interesting than these other card dungeon roguelikes. Just a heads up is the elite 3 buck thing a one time purchase? J may support and buy it. Otherwise continue making thjs game more fun im really liking jt so far.

now that I can play it on mobile I can say it's worth the wait. It's really fun.

This game seems really fun!. Any plans to bring it to mobile if it isn't already? I'd love to buy this for my android phone ^_^

This is pretty fun. Reminds me of a mobile game called to arm

This game is pretty good. I like the slay the spire feel. Aside from unlocking characters faster I hope this game sees more improvements