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So, for example, you would not use Cinemachine to control the camera, follow the character and zooming in and out. Right?

I would use it. Fungus itself it's just a tool. Like Playmaker. It helps, but you still have to create the game yourself. 

All assets that make the workflow easier have code already pre-made. Take, for example, cinemachine, or 2D Pixel Perfect Cam, from Unity Package Manager. And they are allowed.

Yeah, I know. I read the rules. I guess the real question is: Is Fungus considered an asset that don't contribute to the game itself but make the workflow easier? 

Is Fungus from asset store allowed? 

You couldn't care less about devs... It's only 15$ for god sake. You sure pay a lot more for games or beers every month. What the hell. Aseprite is awesome, just buy it.

Aseprite is open-source, but you have to know how to compile it in order to get it for free. If you want to get the latest version always updated you can buy it. It's very cheap.

Hey! I really love your Asset! I just discovered that the button repeating system wont work on my pause menu because I set the TimeScale to 0 when entering the pause menu. So I just changed two lines from Control.cs to these ones:

227- controlStates[0].holdTime += Time.unscaledDeltaTime;
228- controlStates[0].repeatTime -= Time.unscaledDeltaTime;

I don't know if it will cause any issues later, but for now it is working great.

That's all. Thank you for this great asset ;)

Good job, I had fun and it was interesting making my own story

This suite is awesome :)

I loved it <3

Good job! I love this dancing games! Fits the movie very well. Some feedback here: the song ends when inputs are still coming. It'd be nice making Van Damme dance only when the correct inputs are being selected. And finally: I missed some sort of feedback when buttons are pressed. For example, a cool voice shouting: AWESOME!! COOL! OKEY

Really fun! good job, I played a lot more lifes than I though I would. Addictive! ;D

hahaha it's updated now to perform better on web browsers :P so now there's no excuses!

Hahahahaha that was hilarious!! I loved it! :D

Also, I noticed the performance on your PC was really bad!! I guess that's due to the recording software + my game running on browser (it's not as smooth as it should be when playing on HTML5. The Windows exe file works a lot better)

But maybe I can try to fix that. I'll see what can I do to improve performance on web browsers.

Thank for playing and for the feedback ^^ I laughed a lot!

Thank you! I am very glad you liked it ^^

I really felt like a hacker playing your game :D

It was challenging and fun. Good work here :)

Thank you :')

I'm a big fan of yours, so it means a lot to me that you have taken some time to play my game ^^

Thank you!! :D I'm very glad that you finally did it!

Docking it's just a matter of alignment ^^. If you are not perfectly aligned with the Endurance then you cannot dock :P. That's the only variable that determines wether you win or die.

NO WAAAY, how did I not see this game before?? Luckily there's still a lot of time to play and rate games! :D because this was very very well done. The pixel art, the music, the gameplay... I enjoyed a lot.

Congratulations, it's an awesome game :)


I still remember when I saw your sumbision for the low res jam. I was learning C# to develop my own games and saw it on twitter...  I was really amazed with your homage :') I used to play Another World when I was a little kid, and your homage really touched my heart. I came to my friends like "look at this!!" So I really really appreciate your words. Plus, your game HERE COMES THE BRIDE is the coolest game on this jam!! (no ofense to others submiters, just a matter of taste :P) I felt soooo tempted to make a Tarantino Scene for this jam... I am glad you did it! :D

I follow you now, so I'll be cheking your work more often <3

Thank you again for your kind words :)

PS: Also, I'm very glad you managed to dock the ship ;P

I absolutely love this game :)

fiuh! I did it! I though I was not going to be able to defeat that last part! I liked the fact that the hand has no life and cannot die xD

Great visuals! I got lost a few times :P but loved it :)

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This is awesome <3

Very well done! I had fun with it :) you deserve more ratings.

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I like the retro style :)

Thank you! <3

It's an open universe game! :P hahaha nah, you are totally right. A respawn will be added in the future ^^ thank you

It's amazing to watch someone playing my game <3 It's the first time I watch someone on YouTube playing something I made, and it really made me happy. Thank you :')

PS: if you download the .exe, it will work smoother, maybe then you can Dock and save humanity :D

I love it <3 Love the gameplay, the cameras, the precision :D and the comedy haha it's awesome, good work!

I love it! I had a lot of fun :D

Thank you for your kind words <3

Oh, and congratulations!! I made this game really hard to beat it!

Thank you! You are right xD I changed it. I'm still learning to use :P

-It's not possible.

-No, it's necessary.

* -Matthew Mcconaughey-  -Docking Scene- *