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Hey! I really love your Asset! I just discovered that the button repeating system wont work on my pause menu because I set the TimeScale to 0 when entering the pause menu. So I just changed two lines from Control.cs to these ones:

227- controlStates[0].holdTime += Time.unscaledDeltaTime;
228- controlStates[0].repeatTime -= Time.unscaledDeltaTime;

I don't know if it will cause any issues later, but for now it is working great.

That's all. Thank you for this great asset ;)

Good job, I had fun and it was interesting making my own story

This suite is awesome :)

I loved it <3

Good job! I love this dancing games! Fits the movie very well. Some feedback here: the song ends when inputs are still coming. It'd be nice making Van Damme dance only when the correct inputs are being selected. And finally: I missed some sort of feedback when buttons are pressed. For example, a cool voice shouting: AWESOME!! COOL! OKEY

Really fun! good job, I played a lot more lifes than I though I would. Addictive! ;D

hahaha it's updated now to perform better on web browsers :P so now there's no excuses!

Hahahahaha that was hilarious!! I loved it! :D

Also, I noticed the performance on your PC was really bad!! I guess that's due to the recording software + my game running on browser (it's not as smooth as it should be when playing on HTML5. The Windows exe file works a lot better)

But maybe I can try to fix that. I'll see what can I do to improve performance on web browsers.

Thank for playing and for the feedback ^^ I laughed a lot!

Thank you! I am very glad you liked it ^^

I really felt like a hacker playing your game :D

It was challenging and fun. Good work here :)

Thank you :')

I'm a big fan of yours, so it means a lot to me that you have taken some time to play my game ^^

Thank you!! :D I'm very glad that you finally did it!

Docking it's just a matter of alignment ^^. If you are not perfectly aligned with the Endurance then you cannot dock :P. That's the only variable that determines wether you win or die.

NO WAAAY, how did I not see this game before?? Luckily there's still a lot of time to play and rate games! :D because this was very very well done. The pixel art, the music, the gameplay... I enjoyed a lot.

Congratulations, it's an awesome game :)


I still remember when I saw your sumbision for the low res jam. I was learning C# to develop my own games and saw it on twitter...  I was really amazed with your homage :') I used to play Another World when I was a little kid, and your homage really touched my heart. I came to my friends like "look at this!!" So I really really appreciate your words. Plus, your game HERE COMES THE BRIDE is the coolest game on this jam!! (no ofense to others submiters, just a matter of taste :P) I felt soooo tempted to make a Tarantino Scene for this jam... I am glad you did it! :D

I follow you now, so I'll be cheking your work more often <3

Thank you again for your kind words :)

PS: Also, I'm very glad you managed to dock the ship ;P

I absolutely love this game :)

fiuh! I did it! I though I was not going to be able to defeat that last part! I liked the fact that the hand has no life and cannot die xD

Great visuals! I got lost a few times :P but loved it :)

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This is awesome <3

Very well done! I had fun with it :) you deserve more ratings.

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I like the retro style :)

Thank you! <3

It's an open universe game! :P hahaha nah, you are totally right. A respawn will be added in the future ^^ thank you

It's amazing to watch someone playing my game <3 It's the first time I watch someone on YouTube playing something I made, and it really made me happy. Thank you :')

PS: if you download the .exe, it will work smoother, maybe then you can Dock and save humanity :D

I love it <3 Love the gameplay, the cameras, the precision :D and the comedy haha it's awesome, good work!

I love it! I had a lot of fun :D

Thank you for your kind words <3

Oh, and congratulations!! I made this game really hard to beat it!

Thank you! You are right xD I changed it. I'm still learning to use :P

-It's not possible.

-No, it's necessary.

* -Matthew Mcconaughey-  -Docking Scene- *