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Gonna add flying enemies and such later. The font was supposed to look like a superhero comic, but I might be able to change it to Impact, think that'll look better anyway. And sure, making the cutscene easier to read should be a snap! I'm going to assume that by "making the cutscene larger", you mean making the pictures bigger? If so, can do, should be pretty easy! I can do these pretty quickly, gonna start on em' now, should be finished tonight or tomorrow. However, the levels are supposed to be horizontal, hence the "platformer and infinite runner mix", and this is only the first level! I'm releasing each level in chapters, kinda like games like BATIM and most Telltale Games.

Hello! I made this game one time called Bitverse Blox, and i'm looking for new IPs to join. I was wondering if you would let me use the Royal Advisor and the King in the game. I will put a link down below to let you play it.



Cool game, guys! I LOVED it! :D

Hey, I made this game called Bitverse Blox. I'm looking for new IPs to join the game. Maybe Warp Bird could be in the game? :D

Here's the link if you wanna check it out:



YES! I am SO excited! I've been waiting for another Ip besides my own FORVEVER! Anyway, I can add him in as both! Thank you! :D

Well, I think that you should do both! But if you could only choose one, I would say score battles, because the main point of the game is to kill enemies and rack up score!

Awesome game! I really love the concept! :D

Hey, I made this game called Bitverse Blox. It's not the best game in the world, but I'm looking for new IPs. Maybe the Blue Tank could be in the game? :D

Here's the link if you wanna check it out:



Nice job! I really like the gameplay and the 8bit design! Also, maybe you could make a multiplayer mode? Just a thought! :D

You're welcome! :D

Cool game! :D

Just fixed it, had to add an entirely new boss battle. ;)

Cool! Great game, still trying to figure out how to rate it. :)

Haven't I seen you on Newgrounds? ;)

Yeah, I'm trying to fix it. Been busy with other things, though.

By the way, Chomper's big mouth is where he eats, he has his eyes on top of his head, his mouth is also his body, his arms are on the sides of his mouth-body, and his feet are at the bottom of his body, Yeah, it's pretty weird, I know.

Thanks, man! Chomper approves! :)