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Added! Thank you!

They are not private. Everyone else sees them and usually the designer doesn’t because itch’s rate system is sooooo great. A lot of us don’t even know where to find the reviews written for our games.

I love these tiles and I’ll be using them in my troika games and others!

I would like to suggest providing them as png files so we can use them on whiteboard apps.

Also, I look forward to an expansion!

Awesome! I’ve added it to th DB!

I mean, you can never say you are truly on itch if you never did that :D

Hey there are no files to download :)

yeah, I definitely try to use stuff that is more dynamic and less work to keep. if I have to go through more difficult processes, I drop things because of ADHD.

the database so far got 400+ entries and is quietly growing. I want to extend it to TTRPG game jams at some point.

so yeah, my 1st thought was itch but itch does not have any easy database tools past creating a collection.

what is Leafo?

In any case, my solution was the TTRPG Creator database with a Notion Page. It allows you to make tags and all, and there is a neat little browser extension that allows you to import a whole new entry with just a couple of clicks. All I have to do manually is add tags. If you wanna look into that I am happy to help you try it and set it up.

This zine is absolutely fantastic I can't believe I lived this long playing Troika without it. I love the retro-futuristic aesthetics and the additional rules and all of the stuff implied!

Oh wow! I really appreciate it! I'll dive in right away! Thank you so much!

Will community copies for this issue be ever refilled? I missed this issue when it came out and I'd love to get it :)

Hey, first of all I LOVE THIS GAME

Second, I am preparing to run it and I was wondering if there is a text/doc version available anywhere because I find it much easier to parse, reference and run the game in markdown format through Obsidian. Thanks :)

Oh, nice! Congratulations on finishing that!

it seems that website is not up

Hi!  there are no files on this page.

Nice one! I've been sitting on a draft for gm for hire page here on itch forever!

pffff, eu nem lembro mais quem é quem na real hahaha

alright! I am adding the page AND the individual items in it :)

Adicionei seus projetos à RPGLatAm Collection!

What is RPS?

congratulations!!!! this project looks SO GORGEOUS

the color scheme makes this very difficult to interact with

another thing to add:


awesome!!! I'll look into that soon

TTRPG Creator Resources Database

TTRPG Creator Resources Database cover, title over a painting of a pile of books and writing supplies.

Hey, folks! I put together a database of useful resources for creating TTRPGs.

Bookmark it, add it to your collections, share it around and use it as much as you want.

And if you have any items you feel should be there, there is a form at the bottom of the page, or you can drop links as comments down here.


Awesome! I'll throw that in later!

Haven't read or played the game yet but I resonate with this concept. Not everything needs a winning mechanic or something. 

Thanks! I do come back toit from time to time to spout a few new entries. i wonder what wild and hopeful things people come up with!

I don't even know what to say besides that it makes me extremely happy that this piece is touching others. I really appreciate your comment :)

Thank you! I am pretty proud of this game in so many ways :)

I would say a good range is 1 GM + 2-5 players. You could play sole with the help of a GM emulator or something like it. I'd say a session could be 2-3hs on average too.

This project is part of the #RPGLATAM collection!

This project is part of the #RPGLATAM collection!

This project is part of the #RPGLATAM collection!

This project is part of the #RPGLATAM collection!

This project is part of the #RPGLATAM collection!

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This project is part of the #RPGLATAM collection!

This game is part of the #RPGLATAM collection!

YAY! That's cool! Drop a tweet link and I'll share it around!