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I've released a new version on the page which I hope address the respawn issue. I haven't re-created it in this build so here's hoping.

DAY 5:

I lost some work today due to my Internet going out. I have released a working build available at

DAY 6:

Today I am continuing to refine the game and iron out any bugs and design issues as well as polish the game visually.

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Today I tweaked a few more things. I added a Timer that counts up and hearts to display the health!

I've also figured out moving platforms, but I want to also add platforms that fall/break when you step on them and have moving hazards like rocks falling.


Today, I'm working on improving the core gameplay and adding sound effects. I've added a pause menu, a health system and player knockback. I've also allowed the camera to be controlled with the right thumbstick.

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I have a working prototype build! What you can see here is access to the core mechanics of jumping, walking and platforming. We still have a bit more to deal with in terms of the core, but we're progressing nicely!

Download from MEGA

Further progress for today includes some music, a working title screen (WITH CREDITS!!!!) and transitioning between levels.

While waiting for the core mechanics to be built, I've begun building level prototypes. I'm using prefabs created from the tile sheets.

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This Jam Project is being run by Test Developers Please Ignore.

Each of us will post our progress here.


Design For Level 1

For level 1, I want something simple. Since the game is about Pandora needing to close the box, she needs to be away from it. I figure having her fall off of Mount Olympus would make sense. So now, she's at the foot of Mount Olympus in a nearby forest. The design will be relatively simple, having some crevices she can fall in, as the Earth is falling apart from the box. Some enemies will be there as well. I also need to take level design inspiration from Mario 1-1 and teach the player about the game's mechanics in a non-obtrusive way.

Design For Level 2.

The design for Level 2 is based on climbing the mountain.. I want to create a sense of height, so I'm not sure how I can do that. Maybe also have some traps like falling rocks and the level can shake when they fall, to simulate the mountain collapsing?

Design for Level 3

So this one will be in the Temple of The Gods. Being corrupted by evil and to keep trespassers out it will have spike traps. Maybe some on the ceiling? It also has to feel indoors to the player. Kinda like Bowser's stages in Super Mario Bros. Maybe I can include an obvious ceiling?


Gathering Assets

So one of my tasks was to gather a whole bunch of assets, considering none of us are really all that great at asset creation. I found a whole bunch from I managed to get them and copy down the details.

Level Assets
We decided to use this tileset for level 1:

"Hunted Tileset" by AdebGameSoft

This tileset for level 2:

"Dirt platformer" Tileset by Sharm

Level 3 has this - we decided to just use a small portion of this one.

"Dawn of the gods" by Surt