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Finished the menu but still working on the tutorials.

Download Menu update

I'm currently working on a menu for switch items and a tutorial on the  navigation and the basics of the game.

The art style reminds me of the sega saturn graphics and overall the game looks good for the limited pallet.

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  • Super platform maker is a 2D platform maker.
  • Jam edition includes tools for sharing your levels with the world and playing downloaded levels.
  • Also, it's our first go at making a good well polished level editor and easy to access testing. 

Find the game's page here: Game page

Screen Shuts:

I've just setup a webpag for the downlaods here it is: Link

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Don't forget to share your levels and play others.

to add a level just upload a level file to google drive or what ever and leave the downlaod link.
Files must be called "LevelData.sav" And No viruses/Malware!
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Okay and hope to see your level.

Read how to Upload files.

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Not real this game is a platform maker and you can make levels and share them.

Here are the controls:

f1 - switch item f2 - switch item f3 - switch item f4 - switch item f5 - switch item f6 - switch item f7 - switch item f8 - switch item control + S - save control + L - load control + delete - destroy level right - move right left - move left escape - jump add - increase windows size sub - decrease windows size space - jump

mouse right - remove selected item mouse left - add item

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This game is not supported in the itch app it must be run in a browser with JavaScript and WebGL support.