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hello. just wanted to let you know that i really liked your game. that one part with the safe code was very puzzling (pun not intended) to me therefore i made a lets play of it in two parts. it will be coming out today and tomorrow at 7pm gmt -6. hope to see your (as the dev) comments on the videos when they are uploaded. the link to my channel is or you could simply search for the fluffy puffin. to close it was a very solid game; ran very smoothly; and had a very good atmosphere and nice story overall.


hey guys and gals. once again i have succeeded in breaking this game. (no cheats or altering) along the way we explain shields. the part i didn't make most likely takes 3 ingots. also beware the crystals everyone. check it all out here!

(1 edit)

yes i figured out how to make shields, make them in two parts. i make the first part in my newest video that will be up soon here

another update. thought i would include a link straight to the video. click here to go straight to the new video

when you update be sure to back up your .sav file. also realize that old saves may not be compatible with new versions

edited. this video is now out and it seems that when we encountered the worst bug of all "having to do with the crystals" it affected our microphone. make sure to check it out here

i just thought i would make a third video about this game. it is set to come out between now and tomorrow morning 17 hours from now . in which we will once again break the game. this game is getting more fun but it seems there are still some problems and we set out to magnify them. you can see my first two videos on the game here .

and keep a keen eye out for the more awesome third video soon.

This is a great little game. i tried making a forum topic but was unable to. says captcha is required but there isn't one.

anyway first i have made a content video of your wonderful little game. i would like to help spread the word about it. if you could put a link to this video in your games page i would be appreciative.

This is the link to the video

some suggestions.

1. work on performance issues

2. fix the lighting

3. perhaps instead of picking up items and holding them in front of you they go into a limited inventory slot (your hand) temporarily.

this would streamline alot of things.

3b. when placing items have them snap to the object (or snap to grid type placing) this should also help improve performance issues

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