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Game is pretty cool with cool graphics and animations. Its a good endless runner however in a game like this which requires faster response from the player for dodging obstacles, I find the controls to be not as responsive, sometimes i press left button and immediately try pressing the right button but the pigeon doesn't move right quickly and I hit the tower and lose. Apart from that its a good game for removing boredom. Good luck.

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Well sorry it took time for me to create a download version of the game, I just added it and replaced the older version which could have some issues.

Cool Spooky can dark game. The twist in the end was a nice touch. Good short game. Good luck.

This is a good game and tough to make it alive till the end. I died over 7 times and I still have not met the lich king. Over all good game with good art style and graphics. Good luck.

Its a good game with a good story. For a 2d game like this it would be better if it was better optimised cause it was lagging a bit and control where too slow to respond in my  low power laptop, other than that good game and good story.Good luck.

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Completed the whole game!!! Died 14 times though : ( . But still a great game in every way I can think of!! 10/10 enjoyed it. You could do a better job at guiding the player on where to go like a point on the map or anything cause I was confused on where to go next to get the green orb but somehow found the huntress boss and killed her and got the orb. Game is also a little tough so it can be a bit of a challenge like facing the scholar boss in that pink mountain. Over all greatly enjoyed, a bit sad it gotten over.


 when your hp is low just forget fighting and run to the stone which is either glowing or not, it will reset everything and yes enemies you killed will come back alive but your hp will be regained to max and you will still have your gold use it on both hp and stamina, stamina is pretty important if you want to kill stronger mobs in the game later on.

Also avoid fighting the boss at the top of the pink tower because he is a bit of a pain without having enough hp cause reaching all the way top is the only difficulty other than that its just dodging the bosses attacks.

Collect as many power orbs as you can, they will make killing stronger mobs much easier and faster. Those orbs color are kind of silver blue-ish gray or something like that.

Its a good game. The controls for me is a little tough to get used to, other than that its a good time killer and fun game. Good luck.

The game is a good one. I can see that this game is made from scratch, which is always good. You could have added some more story into it, this type of stories can be easily expanded and there is a lot of references around it could bring more interactions with people and some puzzles like the funner car engine lost its momentum and they had to solve some puzzles in it being going around and fixing the problem....etc. The game art depends on the players taste, it surely have a doodle feeling in it which is love or hate reaction depending on the player. Good luck. 

The game is cool. But I still feel the Bee game you made is better. You could have used that same concept for the bee game by turning the bees as ants and make them follow the foods. Have some mobs roam around in the field and using mouse click command the ants to join together to attack the mob. Check this game out   , its a cool multiplayer game that  still needs some work but still offers fun. It will give you a decent idea. Good luck.

A great game concept. Great gameplay, design, I love this game. This game is surely going in to my collections. Good luck. 

Good game. Its simple and a good short game.Good luck.

Awesome game, cool graphics and gameplay. You could add upgrades in the game like more of those crews to shoot the enemy and new mobs after each wave or something. Anyways cool game. Good luck.

Great game cool graphics. Pico games are all very interesting indeed, this one being no exception. Good luck

Great game. It surely does feel like Monument Valley, but you could make it a bit better by adding more VFX like bloom and animated background which responds to user interaction or something. Overall great game and good luck.

This is a amazing game. Great concept and those VFX you chosen for this game is great. Those shader effects and paint being splattered on the platform, feels very satisfying for me. If anything the artwork could have been....different cause it doesn't seems to match well for me, you could use vector drawn images but I am not too bothered with it. Overall great game effects. You could add some story, enemy, items,....etc. Good Luck.

Good game. You could add better VFX in it if it going to be simple like bloom,etc. Good luck.

Awesome game I see. Great concept, great art. Its a great game especially for mobile gaming.

Nice game even though there wasn't much interaction for the player on the game, it feels oddly satisfying. Good luck.

The game concept is good, but I think it would be nice to have different choices to choose from whether to type a bunch of sentences or words in limited time frame or typing letters. Also some cool animations or particles or something would be nice when pressing each key would make the game more immersive. Good luck.

Great gambling game, really enjoyed it.

Nice game was a bit short but I liked the game well : 3

The one thing that kind of annoys me is that there is no reset or menu button during the battle. An addition of that feature will be really great for people like me that have to abruptly stop in the middle of the game. Other than that awesome game, like everything else about it : )

Nice and fun little game. I like the minimalistic feel of the game. 

The game is great and it was fun to play. I would like to control the music though because for me it was a bit louder, a mellow music would have been good but its fine. The game could have some new changes with every level like a new background or a new enemy or even a new color  or anything new would be nice cause after playing the game for 15 min I started getting more bored and felt like I completed the game but its personal opinion, good game over all.

Thank you for the reply. The game is a good one if you try to optimize it a bit you could go send it at Steam or GameJolt and make the game more popular.

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Cool looking game. It is tough to play but that explosions and glow in dark areas looks very cool. Where did you get those explosions? And how are you creating that glow around the player in dark areas. Is it multiple sprite masks with different colored textures that move along with the player? How come your sprite mask change its shape around the platform edges? Sorry for the bad and confusing questions from an amateur. I am bad at making question but you surely have a lot of experience in making games. Though like the comments below your game is not that optimized and is making my laptop struggle unlike in my desktop which for a 2D 8-bit game might not be great and it seems that it requires higher level of OpenGL support(I might be wrong) but I don't know how complex those VFX you use are, but keep up the good work.

Good basic pixel game. Its very Simple and intriguing game. Though nearly impossible to win after 50 but I guess thats how this game is supposed to be played.

Great game concept on the puzzle. The game art however....well its Ok. Adding any animations to your game like, to the soldiers or the resistance people would make the game a lot more lively and adding player interactions would make it even better. Overall I like it and the game concept.

Thank you for the suggestion. I didnt want to increase the game acceleration as the player object is already decently fast and anymore speed would make it too difficult to stop the speed as there is this sliding effect in the game. I could change it though but I mainly used it to learn all about this game development better and I seem to have gotten a lot better now.

Though making games more responsive by increasing acceleration surely seems interesting and my next simple 3D project is gonna be based on that.

Thank you for the assets. I have used them in my game. I have given attribution to you in credits of my game. Check it out here. Its a game made by a noob developer but hope you enjoy anything from it at all.

Thank you again for the wonderful assets.

Thank you for your tilesets, they are awsome. I suck alot at art and designing so getting a good tileset is pretty importand for me. 

I gave you an attribution in the credits. the game is here Game Link

Thank you for the audio assets, they are awsome.

I have given credits, check the game out here Game link