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First things first, Man, oh man, did this game bring back so many good memories. I was absolutely captivated by it because it reminded me of the game "The Cat Lady" and "Downfall," so I was going nuts when I found this game. I haven't played the whole thing yet, unfortunately, but this game is a must finish for me, and I know for sure I will love recording, and I will love playing this game all the way through. So far, I think the game is off to an amazing start. I think I'm only 3 game days in, but it's been enough to really get me settled into the world of Mark. It was a little slow at first, but that's almost necessary, I believe to really work out the story and the world you're playing in in this case. Unfortunately, I won't be able to give a full review yet since, as I mentioned,d I'm not finished yet. Still, I can confidently say that so far, it's off to a great start, and it has absolutely captivated me in wanting to keep playing through and seeing where this story goes. I also absolutely love the little bar at the top of the screen that lets the player see what things there in the world to interact with. This really helps with just knowing what to do instead of getting lost in the game and then getting bored of it. The great thing I found was that it didn't limit you from exploring either. You could basically go anywhere you want, like in the other apartments, etc., and freely explore. The feature is just a nice thing to know what's intractable and what's not and saves a lot of time while still allowing exploring. Overall so far, as I've said many times already, this has been really great even though I'm not too deep in yet. I definitely will be finishing this game up, and once finished, I will give another review, but so far incredible.

Good short scary experience. I definitely think it's perfect for anyone looking for a quick scare to feel that rush of fear we all crave from horror games but in a small package. I'd love to see what can be done with this style if there was more time in the gameplay and story. Overall fun short horror experience!

This was a super enjoyable nice short game. I love the idea of a horror game based around deep-sea diving or just the ocean in general. I truly believe that not enough people use the fear of the ocean and the abyss for horror games, and it's one of the coolest things to use. So this game was really refreshing and really captivated me. I honestly believe there is so much potential with this idea, but I also understand that this game was made in only two days. However, as I said, there are many potentials here if you ever want to re-explore your idea. Overall entertaining and enjoyable short game!

Super interesting and fresh concept for a game. I had a blast playing through it! I loved how every decision had a meaningful impact on it. This really lets you see how anything we do could affect another person's life drastically. Overall this was an amazing story to play; as I said before, it was really fresh and really captivated me. I cant wait to see what else you put out in the future!

Man, oh man, this game has me absolutely ecstatic. I can not wait for a full release. This game has so much potential, and you can tell it has so much talent behind it. The art style is just beautiful, and it captivates you almost immediately. In addition, the story idea is new and refreshing. However, the best part for me was the mechanic with the nightmare mode and how it affects the gameplay. It absolutely blew my mind away when I decided to try nightmare mode and how different a scenario you're given in both modes. I thought that nightmare mode would be more of a hallucination-type mechanic and wouldn't affect the player much. I was, however, completely wrong. As mentioned before, this game honestly has so much potential that it has me absolutely excited for the future. I am super intrigued by what the rest of the game will be like, and I can not wait to play the full thing. Overall amazing game with huge amounts of potential. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for when the full thing is released!

Overall I had fun with this game, but there parts more towards the end that gets tedious. I love the creativity taken with the game, and I love that it's something new and fresh compared to what a lot of horror games are today. However, this game has a lot of potential in it but needs just jazzing up. I think a story would do great with this style or add more mini-games and different stages. The need to collect and roll die to escape is also very fun but gets really frustrating if you don't get the rolls for a long time. This issue can really throw you off from the immersion. However, the ambience and atmosphere built in this are beautiful, and I love the art style. Overall fun game with huge amounts of potential!

Man oh man this game had me wanting to shit my pants. I'm a bit of a pussy when it comes to horror games and this damn game really fucked with me😅. Absolutely had a blast playing through it. The atmosphere that was built is just phenomenal, and it really had me anxious all the way through. Going into this game I even expected there to be a lot of jumps scares but the ambiance really made you feel uneasy in every room you found yourself in. This led to me completely pissing my pants even when I expected there to be scares around the corner. Overall amazing short horror game with incredible atmosphere! I can't wait to see future projects!

I got to say this game has a lot of potential. There's definitely talent behind this project, and that gets me excited for the future of it.  There's a lot of suspense in this game, and I love that. You're constantly on your guard. The ambience is amazing, and the atmosphere created was just fantastic. I do have to say thought the guy at the end does look a little weird kind of reminds me of just a guy wearing a fishing vest, but aside from that, I think this game will be a blast when it's fully finished. Overall great game, It had me spooked and anxious all the way through, and I think there's a lot of potential. I for sure will be following this game to see the complete thing.

Super cool demo! This game made me really realize how dumb I am and how I don't pay enough attention to details with its puzzle. At first, it seems hard but then when you solve it; you realize that everything was really given to you. The game also looks fantastic and the story has me hooked. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on when this is fully released. I can really tell there's a lot of talent behind this project, so I'm super excited to see what the future brings. Overall super fun demo, and I can't wait for the full game!

I had a blast playing this game! My only problem with it is that it is short, but I know that this is because it was made in two weeks for the game jam. However, even with the short length, this game manages to stand its ground and really shows that it doesn't really need to be longer to be an incredible game. I'm super excited to see what else you make in the future because I can tell there's huge potential and lots of talent behind it all from this game. Overall Super fun short game to pick up and enjoy!

This was one of the most unique games I have ever played! It's super fun, and it's super immersive. The voice recognition for deciding on the different choices works like a beauty. Sometimes, it wouldn't understand, but I'm sure that was a problem from my end and not the game. My only issue with this game is that it wasn't longer. This game has so much potential it is outstanding. I hope to see more unique games like this from you in the future, and I hope this game gets some new chapters because I'm super hooked on it. An overall amazing and unique experience!

Absolutely amazing game! I had a blast playing this game. It's super entertaining and really captivates you. The soundtrack is also just incredible. It really puts the cherry on top of the whole thing. I didn't get too far in due to being an absolute shitter at shooters, but I'm definitely going to keep playing this game. It's just too fun to play once and then just let go. Overall incredible experience! I would definitely put this as probably my favourite indie game I've ever played, or at least in the top 3!

Really cool game! I love the VHS/ps1 style graphics; it really gives you a nostalgic feeling when playing. The one thing that threw me off, however, was the sound. Man, my ears were taking a beating from the screams of the killer. It really made the game feel nerve-wracking, which was really good, but after a while, it gets a little annoying but not game ruining. Overall super fun game and I can't wait to check out your other stuff!

Great short and sweet game! Amazing job building the atmosphere. My only real problem would be that it was so short - and although it did just fine with its length - it could've used some more story or just explaining what even comes after us at the end. However, as I said, it's short and sweet and does exactly what it needs to do. Overall a great quick game to pick up if you're craving that horror game experience and fun to play through!

I absolutely had a blast playing this game! I've always found retro-style shooters to be super fun and nostalgic. They really are great games just to pick up and forget about everything and have a crap ton of fun blasting your way through everything. My one issue, however, is that it was so short. I honestly feel so blue balled from it because I was having a blast, and I ended up killing the final boss without even knowing that was the final boss. Man, I mean it; this game has a lot of potential in it, and I just wish I could've played more of it.  However, maybe short and sweet is the right way to go, and it's just me wanting to play more. Besides this, it is a little wonky sometimes with the mouse aim. It just feels a little choppy sometimes when you use the mouse to aim, but it's honestly not game-breaking. Overall amazing fun game to play through, and I cant wait to see what else you put out!

Really fun game with huge amounts of potential. I hadn't played a game with this type of art style in a super long time, but it was definitely enjoyable. I wish it were longer though honestly because, as I said, there's so much you could do with the story for this game. I especially think that there's so much stuff you could do with the monster created and definitely think it deserved more screen time. Overall, it was a super fun experience, and I can't wait to see what else you put out!

Really cool game! I enjoyed the challenge it offered with having to do the platforming levels while also making sure you don't get cucked from the hallway. I do have to say, though, the A.I. is super aggressive. There were times where I could barely even progress because the A.I. was absolutely eating my ass out. Of course, this isn't too big of a problem if that's really how you intended to make it and to have a challenging game. Overall I'm really excited to see what the future brings with the following chapters. I'm really curious about how the story plays out, and I really want to know more about why we were in this warehouse, what the game has to do with the story, and who was chasing us. Great game, fun to play and gave me a hell of a challenge!

The first thing is first, I did not know this was your first game created! Knowing this now, I have to say this is incredible for a first-time game. The concept and idea chosen for the game is honestly so interesting. And I find that there is so much more potential with it. Overall, this was incredible for being your first game, but keep the idea you had for the future when you improve more and more because I believe you could make an incredible game or story with the idea of the guilt of a serial killer. Great first game and I cant wait to see what comes from you in the future!

Was a really fun game to play through! I have to admit though the monster looked kinda funky but it still worked great. Would've loved to have had more encounters with the monster as well but besides that the game was still very eerie with the atmosphere built once the lights go off. Great work!