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Awesome! Thank you!

Sorry if I'm missing something in the documentation, but is there a way to write a chord as including an augmented 5th in the chord notation? 

For example, for the key of C Major, I would want to write V+ or Vaug to try to get a chord that includes G-B-D#. Thanks for your time :-)

This is very cool! It really puts the shape of the land into perspective, and that's such a great thing to have when there's a map you're particularly interested in.

I was wondering if there is any timeline for expanding the controls. For larger maps, additional options for panning and rotating would really help.

I'm loving the program so far! Are there any plans to add different modes to the Scale Type? It would be cool to be able to generate songs in e.g. Lydian mode or something other than Major and Minor, but I haven't been able to find a way to set that up.