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why is this 10 bucks, there's a free flash version? it isn't even worth 3 dollars. this is a time waster.

not many of the tweets were toxic, this just seems racist against german people. German is a language, don't hate them because they USED to be Nazis. They were forced to be Nazis by Hitler. anyway, you should try adding some actually toxic tweets, like transphobia accusational tweets. maybe a bit of manspreading garbage. possibly some white privilege crap from white girls.

Remember there are more than LGBTQ people playing this game.

WONDERFUL! it would only make it better if there were days you could go through, and you could actually play it over again.

Just wait... I'm pretty sure Draegast will do a video on this game. it's got potential.

btw subscribe to Dreagast. daily videos on gaming and occasional vlogs and stuff.

There is a strange glitch where occasionally better ingots (Iron and occasionally tin so far) won't change to weapon ends. i keep hammering and nope. I just got the game today: 2/14/2017. The version is alpha 02. i dont really know how to reproduce it. it seems pretty random.