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well I'm excited to hear from you and even more so with the idea of this game being updated. It was a lot of fun, and I think expanding the concept could be really cool. 

This game is probably one of my favorite creative art projects I've ever seen or experienced. Any chance of a sequel or another game in this style?

I love the art, and the charming humor. It's just as bright, colorful, and whimsical as I wanted. XD
However, I may have encountered an issue? My downloaded version of the game seems to not have any music or sound?

OMG this is exactly what I have wanted to see in a yuri game. It's been a long time since I've seen or played a game so charming, cute, and fun. It had good feelings all over the place. XD

This is one of the most interesting little games I've played in a long time. The art really sets this piece apart from anything else I've seen so far. XD

I love this game. Great atmosphere. Here's a video with some of my thoughts in deeper detail. 

I really loved this game. It is so much fun, the art is great, and the music is the perfect choice for this game's emotion. Thanks for such a great game! XD

I loved this little game. Even if I did get stuck half way through lol. I'm sorry the video came out laggy, the game worked just fine. 

I had fun with this and very much appreciate the effort gone into such a great little game. Here's a link  to my video on it. 

I loved this cute little game, but I think I might have found a bug because at some point I couldn't seem to destroy any of my buildings. (The video is laggy but the game ran smoothly on my laptop.) 

Hey, I absolutely loved this game, here's a video with my thoughts on the game as well as spotting a few possible bugs. 

This was such a cute little experience and I loved it dearly. Here's my playthrough of this little game. Thanks for making it. 

This was a wonderful little game. I loved playing it so much, it's such a unique little concept. Here's a video of a very tired me playing this little game. XD

This game was funny, entertaining, and cute. I loved playing through it so much. XD

here's a video of my first playthrough. XD

I have to say that I love this game so much. I thin I have been looking for this game for a very long time and I'm so glad to finally have found it. Thank you for making it. Here's a video of my first impressions of the game. 

This is a weird game and I love it. Here's a video I made with my gameplay (sorry about any lag) and some of my thoughts about the game. 

This game cheered my day right up. I think I broke at the mention of mudslides.

I fell in love with this little game right away, even if I was weirded out by the controls at first. Here's a video I made with my thoughts and first reactions to the game. XD

I might be late to the party. But it turns out you need to move items with the WASD. You pick them up with the mouse, move them with your keys. A bit strange, but the challenge kinda works.

I really enjoyed this game. It was a very creative little experience. I recorded my thoughts and playthrough here. 

I really enjoyed this little game. I left my thoughts and first impressions on this video here. 

So I personally loved this game, even with the frustrations I had at the end and a game crash. Seeing as how this is a prototype I can forgive it, and seeing all the screen shots and footage make me really excited about what the game will be like when it's out. I'll be keeping tabs on this game for sure. 

Thank you for the awesome little game. I know how hard it is to make a game, let alone one that's so enjoyable. XD

This game is fun with a classic art style and amazing music. I personally loved playing through this, though I think I discovered a bug when loading one area to the next. Here's a video I made on my first impressions with the game. 

I'm really glad to hear that. Your game left a smile on my face too. XD

I loved this cute little game so much. I made a video with my first reaction and some thoughts at the end.  Thanks for the wonderful little story. XD

I loved this little game. The art direction is really cute and happy feeling. The world itself has me interested in playing more just to try and put things together and figure it out. My only real critique is that it would be nice if there was a way to change controls in the menu, in case one started playing with a control scheme they didn't like. But that's a very small issue in such a great game. Here's my first reactions in video form.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but the windows download gives me a .X86 file. From what I have read, that's a Linux file type not a windows file type.  So I can't get the game to run on my windows and unfortunately that also means I can't record it. Any help would be very much appreciated as I do think this game looks interesting. Thank you. XD

I absolutely loved this little game. It was cute, relaxing, and a very enjoyable experience. Here's a video I made with some more details on it. 

I personally had a lot of fun with this little game. It's one of the most relaxing games I've played in awhile. I have some deeper thoughts in my video along with my first reactions to this wonderful little experience. 

Um.... what is this thing? It's like a game but clearly not. XD

great and cute little game. The mouse doesn't stay in the game when its in window mode however, meaning I end up clicking on random stuff on my desktop somehow. 

This is a beautiful and cute little game. XD

This is a promising start to a weird game. I think the inside out houses are my personal favorite so far. I also found a small bug when trying to jump off the platform on the intro level, I got stuck lol. Anyway here's a playthrough of this awesome game if you want to see more detailed comments. 

I have to be honest. I love this game so so much. It's such a creative take on this genera of game. I'm actually doing a mini series on my youtube channel of the game here.