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im confused, when i tried to open it, it doesnt work




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i played it. it was fun but i found a glitch that makes you fall out of the world and another glitch which teleports you into a monster.

Though it was really fun other than that! :)

Also could you please check out my page? I would recommend to try Plan Blue. But please try all?

PS. I'm russian so sorry if my English is bad.

WOW! Coolio bro!

sure my discord is Sans#3710

i am great at pixel art and animation if you are good at code then we are a match if you accept i will put up my discord

uh huh yes

this was on the browser version

I went to the menu and searched for mario mario and click search and then open page then closed the book and did it again and it was a different book!

i tested my theory out by selecting a bookshelf because that means it makes me choose a shelf so i went into the next room and lo and behold it made me choose a shelf even thou it's supposedly a different hex completely so i tried going down the stairs and the same thing happened you should try it out it's pretty cool plus there is a human on the last level of the library you can click on but it's hard and i haven't been able to click on it.

I'm still improving! This is my first game!


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Don't overwork yourself just do your best ok? No Stress.