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I've got a few paid assets that just make things so much easier - I'm a programmer, so my art isn't the best ;) usually they're specifically stated as not being allowed, but nothing is said about it here! Obviously if I were to use them I'd make that very clear.

Yeah it's not so obvious, I feel like a lot of people are missing that!

The bullet pool auto expands and doesn't touch objects that are active, so I'm not sure what that issue could be! If you walk forward, the bullets don't appear to move as fast and will stay on screen longer, so it's possible you're just seeing the normal end of life but moving forwards too I guess?

thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. When you die, you become the enemy that killed you - that's how it links to the theme (the whole death/rebirth cycle)! So that's why they're not more powerful each time :)

Ha yes, a few people have noticed that. I was dumb and set it to 1 instead of 0 and then promptly forgot to test it 😂

Haha yes, the knockback on the flamethrowers is insane 😂 I'm glad you enjoyed it, and now that you mention it yes the other faces would've been an excellent addition. Not too much work, either. Your comment about the screenshake has been noted, I'll be sure to crank it to 11 tone it down slightly in the future

Amazing, thank you for the wonderful feedback! We'll definitely keep it in mind. We're glad you enjoyed it.

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It's been 5 days and I'm still laughing. Posting this here for maximum visibility, because it is my favourite thing that's happened to me in my whole 10+ years of game dev.

ah try starting a timer when the player stops being "grounded" (i.e. touching the floor) and *hasn't* jumped for maybe 0.5f, then -= Time.deltaTime every frame, and only set grounded to false when that timer is done? That's what I usually do, though I tend to do a small raycast from the player's feet so it might be more difficult if you're using a collider to check that!

I enjoyed it, well done! Would have been nice to have some audio - I feel like I'm saying that for loads of games ;) but it really does make a difference! There are some great free packs, like the Sonniss GDC ones!

ah that's so much better now that I know what I'm doing! I've updated my rating ;) love the breathing mechanics and Tim mode, excellent jam game :D 

I love all of the games you've taken inspiration from, and you've definitely done them justice! Difficulty is well balanced, though I must admit the hit boxes on the red blocks are too big :( and look into "coyote time" - it's basically a little frustrating when you can't jump after falling off sometimes! I think most platformers incorporate it somehow :) I loved the music and SFX, great job there! Where did you find the music if you don't mind me asking? :D

this was great, soundtrack is amazing, and I loved the art. Really well done for a jam :D I love chilled games like this. Will you release it properly? It'd be a great mobile game :)

it was exactly the same for me, unfortunately :( I completely agree about the breathing mechanic, it was hilarious :D 

love the art style, I love low poly stuff so that's always a winner for me ;) it's also the game I've had the most fun with, so far, so great job with that :D the only thing it was missing was music and SFX, with those it would just bring the whole project together nicely. Great job :)

man that is excellent, where did you find the art? It's such an excellent style, plus the music was great too. I look forward to a full game, you're finishing/expanding it right? ;)

ah I loved it! It works really well for something made in a weekend, well done. And the sound effects and music were great - they actually didn't get too annoying, which is usually an issue in jams ;) like other people have mentioned, there are a couple of layout issues that could be fixed with more testing, but that isn't usually possible in 48 hours :) the one thing I will say though is that the ball doesn't bounce even nearly as much as I expected it to - a lot of the times it should have bounced a bit, it just lost all momentum. Overall though, a great callback to the old pinball machines - I used to spend hours on them, and with a bit of tweaking I could spend hours on this too!

very fun :D great job for a jam game, I'm impressed :)

I enjoyed this :D like people have said before, it could have done with some music and sound effects - there are a few free packs out there! It would definitely have added to the atmosphere of it. Saving is incredibly useful, so thanks for that - it's fairly lengthy and I don't have time to finish now so I'll come back later!

Thanks :D They have so much health because I barely did any testing and didn't realise until it was too late ;) you can 2-shot them if you get headshots or use the shotgun! The mouse cursor should be hidden, I'm not sure why it wouldn't be :( I'll do some bugfixing and testing once the judging is over!

amazing, thank you!

Any chance of a Mac build for us dirty Apple users?