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It's been 5 days and I'm still laughing. Posting this here for maximum visibility, because it is my favourite thing that's happened to me in my whole 10+ years of game dev.

ah try starting a timer when the player stops being "grounded" (i.e. touching the floor) and *hasn't* jumped for maybe 0.5f, then -= Time.deltaTime every frame, and only set grounded to false when that timer is done? That's what I usually do, though I tend to do a small raycast from the player's feet so it might be more difficult if you're using a collider to check that!

I enjoyed it, well done! Would have been nice to have some audio - I feel like I'm saying that for loads of games ;) but it really does make a difference! There are some great free packs, like the Sonniss GDC ones!

ah that's so much better now that I know what I'm doing! I've updated my rating ;) love the breathing mechanics and Tim mode, excellent jam game :D 

I love all of the games you've taken inspiration from, and you've definitely done them justice! Difficulty is well balanced, though I must admit the hit boxes on the red blocks are too big :( and look into "coyote time" - it's basically a little frustrating when you can't jump after falling off sometimes! I think most platformers incorporate it somehow :) I loved the music and SFX, great job there! Where did you find the music if you don't mind me asking? :D

this was great, soundtrack is amazing, and I loved the art. Really well done for a jam :D I love chilled games like this. Will you release it properly? It'd be a great mobile game :)

it was exactly the same for me, unfortunately :( I completely agree about the breathing mechanic, it was hilarious :D 

love the art style, I love low poly stuff so that's always a winner for me ;) it's also the game I've had the most fun with, so far, so great job with that :D the only thing it was missing was music and SFX, with those it would just bring the whole project together nicely. Great job :)

man that is excellent, where did you find the art? It's such an excellent style, plus the music was great too. I look forward to a full game, you're finishing/expanding it right? ;)

ah I loved it! It works really well for something made in a weekend, well done. And the sound effects and music were great - they actually didn't get too annoying, which is usually an issue in jams ;) like other people have mentioned, there are a couple of layout issues that could be fixed with more testing, but that isn't usually possible in 48 hours :) the one thing I will say though is that the ball doesn't bounce even nearly as much as I expected it to - a lot of the times it should have bounced a bit, it just lost all momentum. Overall though, a great callback to the old pinball machines - I used to spend hours on them, and with a bit of tweaking I could spend hours on this too!

very fun :D great job for a jam game, I'm impressed :)

I enjoyed this :D like people have said before, it could have done with some music and sound effects - there are a few free packs out there! It would definitely have added to the atmosphere of it. Saving is incredibly useful, so thanks for that - it's fairly lengthy and I don't have time to finish now so I'll come back later!

Thanks :D They have so much health because I barely did any testing and didn't realise until it was too late ;) you can 2-shot them if you get headshots or use the shotgun! The mouse cursor should be hidden, I'm not sure why it wouldn't be :( I'll do some bugfixing and testing once the judging is over!

amazing, thank you!

Any chance of a Mac build for us dirty Apple users?