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Wow that was a really good game!

But now, the reading and writing to drive is not working (but the high score system is working now.)

Please look at the game page, please. It has all the instructions and stuff.

errrr, sorry but i can't just 'make an rpg space game' in an instant. When I finish my game, i'll see if i can try to make it, if not, go make it urself. I hope u understand

- Ameer

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Please post useful stuff in the comments. Like constructive critisism, or some other thing about the paradox machine. Anything else would be taken down eventually.

- Ameer (thechief.itch.io)

I'm just polishing my game(and making music). I'm not going to submit it yet, but instead i'll wait until the last day!

This is my first game jam so:


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I think I MAYBE have been using toooo much of my time on story..

I have about 11 levels and 2 rooms (in game maker) about story, but those two rooms took waaaayyy longer to make than the 11.

now I have to make a FEW more rooms pertaining to story.