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The Chayed

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Yeah, since the game is Multiplayer only right now, it's not surprising that there isn't any enemies. :P I'm hoping to draw more interest to the game to make Multiplayer actually feasible, but for until the next update (which may be in 2 months now), single player will not be available.

The next update will include A LOT more content, including a small single player overworld, and tools to make your own worlds with. You can also play on others, and experience player made quests and challenges, and also play online on custom maps!

Haha yeah, I'm working on the map tools right now, so most of the base gameplay mechanics really need some ironing out. :) I'm going to get to that once the tools are complete!

Thanks! :) I'm enjoying Itch.io + OGA very much. I may also start a Patreon in time. I want to wait a tad longer, but it'd be awesome if I could decent good money from making free stuff. Especially if I had time to make more big packs like the Metroidvania one. (Although, I want to add to that one specifically). I want to redo my Zelda inspired tilemap, because the 200+ one is UGLY. I was trying to make it as modular as I could, but somehow made it look hideous. XD

Nevermind. For some reason I thought we'd have to use Famicase art as a thumbnail and stuff. :)

Just curious, can I make my own Famicase art? O.o

Awesome tilesets, Yal! :) How are sales going?