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Super Mario Maker is a game based around a level editor. The level editor itself is the tool, but the full product is the game, since it allows you access to the other levels and the non-user-created content.


now i own this Two times :thinking:

Jobs have attributes. You can't just get her a tv job, you have to get her a cool tv job. Read the game a little closer.

F9 could be used if you're testing texture mods and don't want to restart the game? :O

What's the point of this comment thread? This is a discussion board for a jam that already exists... why did you post this? 


Default controls confused me but DAMN this is good. how in the hell did you manage to make a rhythm game with gms, ive been trying forever and no luck ;m;

Not for the feint of heart. Hits way harder than I was prepared for when I started it. Don't know if I'll sleep tonight.

Five stars.

I think that's one of the popups that only 'meme queen' idols can get, and it's supposed to be funny.

Now that Beta 21 has changed the way the idols' pictures are generated and the IdolTextures folder has been removed/moved, what's the procedure for making mods that add/change new idol portraits using the modding tool? Is it the same, or is there a different way to do it now? And how do we access the game's idol textures now they've been removed from StreamingAssets?

Being bullied gives the girl an icon on their profile if you're not in compact mode... which means I have to sacrifice performance (hard to come by on my dinky lil laptop) for understanding what's happening.

Big agree on albums and music videos.

It took me one to two in-game years and several real life days to move from chapter 1 to chapter 2, and then I went from chapter 2 to chapter 5 in one night. It was odd.

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I think hardcopy CDs are still reeeaaally big in Japan. Still, more promo options for digital releases would be cool- they wouldn't even need to be free, you would still be paying for the advertising, which keeps the balance of only having one no-cost marketing option.

This is the most annoying thing the game does. I have 20ish girls hired right now, so every ingame monday, the bottom-right corner will be COVERED with "x lost/gained 30 mental stamina points for a mysterious reason". I can't look through my notifications anymore because this is such a problem. It's such a weird mechanic- often, some girls are unaffected, while other girls lose stamina then gain stamina then lose it again all at once. I don't know why this is happening, I don't know why it's affecting girls multiple times, and I wish I could control/understand it. It doesn't make sense to me :(

That is the text that shows when the socialize event is processing

I experience this a lot, too- from what I understand, it happens when you go from releasing something with that many idols to releasing something with only a few. It'll put white boxes where everyone else was in the last single/show. Happens all the time when I put out solo songs (I know that's probably bad strategy, but don't judge me, I've got a storyline going and I want to keep it up sdlfkjsdlfj). Doesn't seem to affect anything other than the visuals tho

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- I don't know if this is a 'bug' per se, but it's a little funny and probably unintended. Yy idol group is really boring- nothing is going on, no one's bullying each other, and only a few of the girls are in relationships, so I always get the same few responses when I ask for 'gossip'. Okay, sure, cool, that's arguably good for my run. Occasionally, the girls will tell me about their own relationships,,, as if they're gossiping about other people. Several times I've done a double take like "oh, Yamato Rina's in a relationship with Yoshida Akane... wait hold on, you're Yamato Rina."

- Idols will talk about friendships with graduated idols that stayed on as staff members, but they don't show up in the bonds part of their profile. I feel like one of these is a bug, but I'm not sure which.

-I have no idea whether or not I'm stuck on the Phantasm events, or if I just haven't encountered them all yet. (Most recent one I saw was the rival dialogue about the bird statue at the awards show.) If I have... how do I get myself out of it? If I haven't, maybe a counter on the task to show how many I have left to see? I'm kind of just stuck, I want to unlock all three routes before I pick one (so I can make branching saves at the last possible moment).

Is there a mod/setting that allows me to view the profiles and pictures of graduated/fired/etc idols or the profiles of idols I've kept as staff? Not, like, a critical need, I'm just asking.

Didn't update my browser, so this demo still works. I feel cool and sneaky lol


I'm going to assume there's no actual rules, and so I've decided I'll be submitting Whatever The Fuck I Want. 

sounds like itd hurt ur hand lol

What do you mean it doesn't work? What exactly is happening to the download?

Dude, please don't demand a bunch of extra content for this free game. iirc there's going to be 5 weeks, and that's A LOT- we should be grateful that they expanded on the original game at all. 

unless of course you want to make the art music and programming for the new levels

I did, and I remember almost nothing of it lolol

Are there... like, rules? Guidelines? A theme? Anything? 

you should add a cat

mhm. the game crashing two steps before the doorway was part of that

I think the other thread clarified that 'NSFW' specifically means sexual content in the context of this jam.

I don't have a controller or chopsticks so I can't play this, but it's such a cool idea!!! I hope it gets some more traction, I can see people having a whole lot of fun with this game :D

how wonderful

that's intentional that's how the game ends 

(that's why I didn't publish it for browser because I didn't know what it would do and i don't want to risk crashing ppls browsers)

She is such a fancy lady!!! Please give her a head scratch from me

Wrote this in for GOTY

my first non game was pretty gamey but i sent it into four jams so i think i made up for it. going to try and do more feats of cross promo, post ur own achievements here (or talk about other game jams other ppl could submit to)

non game squad will take over the site 

Could these not all have been made using the generator?..

why on earth would you download it on mobile

absolutely HILARIOUS