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This bug was found recently. Unfortunately, I cannot easily fix it. The way around this is to restart and go in the door Robin and Hannover leave in and then go through the piano room after the library scene.

I apologize that this has caused you some headache!

We definitely had similar ideas and I like the way you did the pixel aspect much more.

I like the music quite a bit, but this game definitely needs some options on the mouse sensitivity (mine was insane and there wasn't anything I could do about it), and you might want to do Cursor.lock so that the mouse stays inside the game window.

Other than that, I liked it!

This was pretty interesting! The chain of puzzles were super well thought out, though I'm still not really sure if I was supposed to get through the door with planks in the beginning (possible bug?) to the room with the cabinet before getting the hammer. The audio was super well done.

On a side note: People still do use Java. Minecraft was built on Java. All sorts of apps still use Java. The professional software industry still uses Java and it's one of the most in demand languages.

Pixel Horror Jam community · Created a new topic Platform?

Hi there, just signed up (I'm pretty stoked about this).

I was wondering if we are just targeting Windows PC as the platform?