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Same, I barely wanted to leave the house for almost a month after my first playthrough.


Oh yeah, I just tried it, it's really spoopy! I also tried deleting Sayori, and the same thing happens. If you delete Yuri or Natsuki,  they are added back into the game folder, and the game continues as usual.

...for what?

Wow thanks for this! I didn't even know there was more than one ending, it's really interesting!!

I think you should get the desktop app for It makes it much easier to play and access the files. I’m not really sure how to play the game without the app..... sorry

So this is what Yuri.chr says when it’s decoded? It’s a really spoopy story!! Do you know how it links into the game? Or is it just something random and unrelated to DDLC?

Makes sense.


What do you mean? Yuri is not alive, she dies... she kills herself in Act 2! And after she is “revived”, Sayori just deletes her again at the end of the game.

haha, no worries!

oh okay. That seems like a lot of work, have you translated it before? Do you know what it says?

wow, this is really interesting! There are soooo many Easter eggs! And I’m sure I can find links to the game in the “there’s a little devil inside all of us”  paragraph, relating to each character. I’ve also seen the traceback.txt before, I was assuming Monika was talking. But how about the  “CANT DO ANYTHING . NOTHING” part, is that Monika talking? If it was, it would give us more of an insight into Monika’s character!

oh okay, cool. Wait, Sayori hanging can come in the background? I never knew, that’s really spoopy!

Haha...... did you just “gently open the door”? 

About that news article: it’s really sad that a child killed themselves, and I feel really bad for the parents, but the blame should not be left on an unrelated game. I feel so sorry for the creators of DDLC.

If you are playing through the desktop app, underneath where it says "Launch" for DDLC, it should say "Show Local Files". Click on this button, then the file "DDLC-1.1.1-pc". The files should all be there, including the "Character" and "Game" files.  See the images below. If you don't have the desktop app, I'm not sure how to open the files, but the desktop app is free and easy to install, so that's an option :).

Do you know if the new game is confirmed? Or is it just speculation?

Wow, that’s sooo interesting! Now I really want a new Team Salvato game lol. Also, who is saying the binary code message? It sounds like it could be Monika, but does anyone know for sure?

And that Project Libitina site is super spoopy. That part about “third eye” gave me chills lol. Also, look at this quote:


Twitching; vocal tics; biting; epiphora; vomiting; screaming; harm to examiner; 
harm to self; misplaced laughter                                                
Any self-harm attempts must be interrupted immediately.”

Doesn’t this sound...a bit like Yuri? Maybe I’m reading into this too much though, but maybe this “Libitina” is a relative of Yuri? Like a sister or something? Does anyone have any information that could support or deny this? 

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Okay, I opened the Yuri file in the Notepad application (it could be called notebook actually...) and it came with a random scramble of letters. It doesn’t look like programming or coding, it looks very deliberate, and there is two equal signs at the end of it.  So I’m sure it’s Base 64 coding. Once I decoded it, it resulted in a short creepypasta, here is this link:

Does anyone know the significance of this story? Or is it just random?

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yea, I’ve see the bloody Monika as well. I’ve also seen another secret that can happen in act 2, where the starting screen is in black  and white and all the eyes are distorted. It scared the crap out of me 😂. There is also the Easter egg with Yuri where one of her eyes floats away while she is talking, but I’m not sure if it it randomly occurs or it happens every time during act 2

I actually played the whole game through to check that out. It’s sooo cool but kinda weird too!! It goes to show how much deeper this game goes than we thought. And I thought the sticker that might jump up was a Sayori sticker in act 2, but I just checked it, and it’s soo much creepier that it’s Monika!!

So is this a QR code? I tried scanning it with a QR scanner, but I couldn’t get anything. Does anyone know what it actually is?  Maybe it’s a code of some sort? I can’t help but think that there is more to this picture than we think....

I just tried printing it and making a cone, it’s actually sooooo spoopy!! Do you know who that lady is?

Hahaha, yeah, the music for this game is so amazing!! Even though all the music is kinda similar, the way it's distorted at some sections is really creative. And the amount of fan remixes and songs based on this game is....impressive to say the least!

The easiest way is to go to the DDLC page on the desktop app, and where it used to say "download", it should now say "launch", and if you click "launch" you will start the game. :)

Team Salvato said that right now, they aren't going toconcentrate on creating a phone version, however, it may be a possibility in the future. A phone version would be amazing and the game would be available to a larger range of people.

Also, there used to be a phone version but it was taken down for copyright reasons. 

"I want breakfast"


- Sayori

"Be careful Yuri, or you might just cut yourself on that edge"

"Eagles can fly. Humans can try. But that's about it"

- Natsuki

"Wow, you really left her hanging!"

"I'm just destroying a world I don't belong in"

- Monika

All of "Wheel"

- Yuri

That's all I can really think of right now. Sorry, some of them are less funny and more ironic.

Oh wait, one more.

Haha, the horror is the best part!!!!!!!!! (and I can't say it gets better from Natsuki's death anyway.......)

noooooo! Monika!!!!! how could you ??????

Wow, that's cool! 

No... what would make you think that?

haha................................................whoops. It's okay, I get where you are coming from.

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Okay, it's me again. I've found a couple more easter eggs, if anyone is interested.

  • sayori.chr can be opened as a sound file of some sort. It sounds like a kind of distorted scream.
  • Sometimes, a poorly drawn picture of Sayori will come up on the screen at the end of the first day in Act 2. It’s super spoopy!

That's all.  If anyone finds any more, please don't be afraid to post them here!!! Thanks:)

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So, I was thinking we could make a board for the little easter eggs that you find within the game! This game is so creative and I know that there are heaps more secrets than the ones I have found. So, if you find any easter eggs or secrets, please feel free to post them here! I am so interested to see what everyone finds! I'll start off with these:

  • You can open yuri.chr in notepad or a similar application. It shows a long string of Base64 text, which translates to a short horror story about a girl who stalks and then murders somebody.
  • I think there is a chance that the start menu can distort, turning black and white and distorted, and it gives a close-up of Monika's face for a second. I'm not sure if this is an actual thing or if it was just a glitch, because it only happened once to me.
  • There might be a chance that Yuri's sticker can distort into something that looks like the joker if you choose one of her poem words in the poem minigame. Again, I'm not sure if this is official, it has only happened to me once before, during act 2.
  • You can open natsuki.chr as an image. It comes up as this weird blue and green picture that's wavy and distorted. If anyone knows what's up with that, it would be great if you can post what it is below!

That's all I have found so far, if you have more, please feel free to share them! I really want to see how many secrets we can uncover! Anything that is hidden from the main game is relevent to this board.

Oh also, I've seen "Project Libitina" mentioned before, can anyone explain this? I'm not exactly sure what it means as I've never seen it in the game.

There's not always a "reason" to be depressed. Sayori was always mildy depressed, but this depression was extremely amplified by Monika's tampering, causing Sayori to commit suicide.  It's also implied that Monika told Sayori to kill herself, however, it's not directly stated within the game

For Yuri, she was always prone to self harm, there is no reason for her to cut, she just does it as a hobby. Again, once Monika amplified her slightly obsessive trait, she became too far gone, and this caused her to kill herself with even the slightest trigger, even if you accept her confession.

However, for Natsuki, there is no real "trait" that could be amplified in her to make her kill herself. Sure, her dad is abusive, but she never has had any thoughts about self harm or suicide, so there is nothing Monika could amplify to make her kill herself, and the easiest way out at that point is to just delete her. People also speculate her neck snapping to be her "death" - even though she comes back a little while after it, and there are a couple theories that state that Natsuki's neck snap had to do with her abusive father.

This shows how great Natsuki's character is: even while her life is not so great compared to others, she still holds on. It's a shame there was so little on Natsuki's backstory in the game, unlike Yuri, Sayori and even Monika.  

Monika is stil my favorite though.

What do you mean by "it doesn't say play"? Like is there no "launch" button within Or is it inside the actual game?

I'm not sure what you are doing wrong. Did you delete something within the game files? Maybe Google it.