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The Hard Croc

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Did you give up at 103, or is that the height limit? Regardless, absolutely insane tower my dude hahaha

Some of those towers are absolutely insane. I'm over here just enjoying my tree farm hahaha

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If you link the game with Steam you can take screenshots super easily. I think the default key is F12

The Black Schmurf was a HILARIOUS addition to the game :P I had a pretty crazy run through, so make sure to check it out here :)

This update is HUGE! I've been having a lot of fun with the elephants in particular :)

I had a ton of fun with this game! The choices seem to matter a ton, and I loved that! Even if they didn't always work out in my favor :P

In my newest episode of Raft, I ran into a DEVASTATING bug, but I recovered a bit :P

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Just encountered this problem as well. Windows 7 64Bit

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THIS GAME IS SOOO CREEPY! Nick seems like an.... alright guy I guess...

Thank you x2 :)

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I know this isn't the place for videos, but I encountered a bug while recording and figured there's nothing wrong with sharing the footage. Feel free to delete if I'm in the wrong obviously. It started out at 4:36 in the video if the link doesn't automatically start you there. As you can see, the shark started going under my raft and then was swimming above/on top of my raft, all in a set circular path. I could get him to leave by spearing him 3 times, similar to if he were actually chewing on/damaging the platforms. From what I recall, none of the platforms were damaged, and from the amount of time he were there, I think if he was actually attacking a foundation it would've been destroyed.

In this video I worked on a tree farm and ran into a pretty gnarly shark glitch! Check it out :P

Check out this King Of The Hill styled gameplay here!

Check out some crazy "King Of The Hill" styled gameplay here and a flying tank :P

Covered the new beta over on my channel! Super stoked on the chests :)

Check out this awesome "King Of The Hill" style challenge!

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Check this out :)

Check this out for help :)

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if you're having trouble installing Raft, I hope this can help :)

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Today, I try to "break" Raft by reaching the border! Check it out :)

I tweaked a few options and got a crazy match based around defending a little fortress! Closest thing I've seen to King of the Hill in a way thus far, check it out!

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Check this out if you need a little help! The most important thing is to do everything in a proper order in my opinion :)

This game is a ton of fun! Glad to see people are still playing it :)

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I tweaked a few options and made an awesome BASE DEFENSE styled match, check it out!

I actually really like this idea hahaha

I seem to be the only one showcasing the Christmas update that came out a few days ago! Check out some awesome archery battles while I show off some new Christmas additions :)

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In light of the newly added save feature, make sure to check this video out to get a great raft started :)

Check this out if you need a little help :)

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If you want a little help getting started, check this out!

The NEW BETA 5 WEAPON, the RECON LRR is absolutely insane! Crazy accuracy :) Check out some long range headshots here!

Love the new Christmas update! I did an awesome custom battle with some Santa characters, check it out here :)

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Super excited to see how this game progresses in the future! Can't wait for a save feature, as I'd like to keep my humble little raft (after rebuilding it I suppose) :P

Wanna share my vid one more time :)

Awesome, glad you enjoyed it :) You've got an awesome game in the works here for sure, and I'm excited to keep up to date with it!

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Awesome video :)

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I had so much fun in this game! Really hope to see a save feature in the future!

Also little spoiler for the video, but bug for the developers- I seem to have... run out of items? Nothing came towards my little raft after about 40 minutes :(

Check out this video of me BREAKING RAVENFIELD :)

That's fucking awesome dude! Stoked you enjoy em :)

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The katana is definitely my favorite weapon I've acquired in the campaign thus far :) Check out some awesome head chopping here hahaha

Thanks, that's awesome :) Welcome aboard!

Check out this awesome STEALTH MODE challenge gameplay :)