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It'll be announced when the jam starts.

Thanks a ton will play your game when I can!

That's alright at least you got a finished game with a creative concept. Time constraint and limitations make jams difficult so just finishing it good!

Great game and a very creative interpretation of balance. Good job!

Definitely a creative concept.

A lot of fun, even though I'm not very good...

Awesome game, I automatically love anything with ragdoll physics.

Great idea for a game, using your enemy as ammunition is pretty interesting! I did find a tactic which made me effectively invisible but other than that great game well done!

I like the art style and the idea is very creative. Well done!

Simple and quite fun game, however I don't really know what the pivot/ramp in the center adds rather than just using a flat surface. Good work!

It would be nice to have a score/timer to see how well I did and I could see this making a fun mobile game!

Definitely an interesting concept, some of the questions can make you think. There definitely could be an way to extend this to a full game.

Great concept, however I got the block stuck against a wall and there was no way to restart. The two button limitation took it's toll on this game, could be a fun game otherwise.

Simple concept and art style makes quite an addicting game! Could make a good mobile game imo

I encountered the same bug as Asue, however the game was a fun - although very difficult!

I really like the concept for this, very imaginative use of two buttons.

Really creative interpretation of the theme,  a very interesting concept.

I love the art and animation in this!

Yeah I actually completely forgot about music... Thanks for the feedback though!

I like the concept, I think it would be better if it was a bit more interactive to make the whole experience a bit more interesting. Good job though!

I'm glad you liked it! The score is distance yes, but time would probably be a better idea. It's only my second jam so I still have a lot to learn!

Running the exe for windows doesn't seem to work

This was obviously made beforehand...