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Yea it's just pc. Sorry about that. More than likely it's misnamed cuz when I submitted this I was exhausted and frustrated at the same time and just wanted to be done with it. I didn't even notice lol

Very cool little game.

Thanks. You're the second person to say that. Very interesting

I will re download it and see what happens

Kinda odd that the two magic users in the party have the least mp

I like the direction this is headed. It took me a second to figure out that z and x were for crouch and roll. I had to basically go through and push all the buttons on my keyboard till I found it. Easily solved by putting it on one of the first signs you come across or once this has some sort of start screen. I like the game play. Controls are nice and tight. A little feedback as to when you have fallen or jumped to far would be nice. It took me a bit to figure out why I was dying, till I looked up at the hearts as I fell. I'll definitely be playing thru more of this one

As already mentioned, the tips should definitely be given before you need to know them. Took me a second to realize it worked like a twin stick shooter. I was like...why am I walking backwards lol. It's a very unforgiving game. A little feedback on how much health I have would have been a big help. It promises fish in trenchcoats with guns and that's definitely what it delivers. Fairly fun game and I hope you develop it further

Awesome little game. Great job. I love that you put in instructions. Sound would have been nice. Maybe a little screenshake as you get closer to skidding out? Otherwise lots of fun

I had the same problems as BlackRoseMii. Also, while I get leaving the player to their own devices as to what is going on with your game, my biggest pet peeve is zero instruction whatsoever. It took me a good 6-8 min of pressing every button on the keyboard just to figure out how to control the character

TY. Glad you had fun. We did most of the art. The goblin came from a pack I bought a while back, and the wizard from opengameart.

This has some tight controls. I didn't get real far, but for what I did play there wasn't a whole lot of reason to jump. I could just run across the bottom carrying a cannon dude. I dig his special. I was never able to pick up 3 different guys, tho I tried. It seemed to always remove one? I'm probably doing it wrong. Either way, there's no reason to ever pick up anyone other than the cannon dude. A little variation in their firing pattern would make this much more challenging. Either way the characters are really cool and I can see how a lot could be done with it

No rating. 10 minutes in I got a failure to load minimap_44.png. From what I did get to do there wasn't much, except to talk to buster. I dig the acoustic guitar and banjo stuff

No rating. couldn't play. there is a file missing. probably the unity player.dll. Will try downloading again...

I couldn't figure this out at all. There are no directions. Apparently you either have a limited number of bullets or you can't reload? Some sort of bug? Idk. I was confused all around

Yea I'll get em all in no problem. Not like I have a job or anything that gets in the way 

yea i just went with a quick and dirty implementation, figuring that in MOST cases, after the first put, you generally want to aim toward the hole. I discovered early on that I needed SOME sort of system like that, otherwise you get overwhelmed quickly. Originally there were a LOT more enemies, which I plan on still doing, but not till I get the controls straightened out.  As far as the traps goes, I just kinda figured that was part of the challenge. That next time around you would try to avoid it. Once the enemies start showing up, they'll kick the ball out of em too

That would be me :) I'll be starting that this week. Just needed to unwind a bit

I tried different things for the mouse aim and eventually with the time I had settled on that with the time I had. The other solutions were for it to be random, which trust me, sucked entirely, OR to set up some sort of waypoint system where it would aim towards the next waypoint in line, which I didn't have time to do. Sacrifices had to be made. If you have a better solution tho I am  all ears.


yea right now it's a pretty quick game, butI wanna see what I can do to ramp it up

I guess there is some third party stuff but this was quicker

So I created this game with my brother for the Indie Gamemaking Contest. We're hoping to drum up some votes by posting here. In our game, you play as a wizard trapped in a dungeon. You play mini golf while avoiding traps and killing enemies. You can check it out here  I've also included a short video I made of some of the gameplay during development

I would be honored if you would play and rate mine

I started putting in what I call my "dev gui" for the build just to make sure everything is working. I recently had a problem where everything worked in the editor, but there were problems with the build, so I stuck in a bunch of Debug.Log for while I was running in the editor, and I also had it write it to a gui in world space but outside of camera view, then I just did a keypress listener to move that gui in and out of the camera view. I found the problem lickety split. So now I use it all the time. It's not the ideal solution, but it less time consuming than digging thru the app data to find the problem

did you check the submission feed?

I got someone on the discord channel to help me

I clicked submit,  then forgot to actually upload the files, and now it's not letting me?

It won't let me upload the game? are you kidding me?

I'm such a tweaker. I couldn't stand looking at the UI any longer so I made some last minute improvements

It was a rush to get it done because my OTHER thought is there is no way you can have a mini golf course and not have at least 9 holes lol

That was my thought too. Just sticking in sounds now

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I know I have to include a credits file. Do we have to list the assets we use that we own the rights to? For example, I'm using a monster from an asset pack I got off of the Unity Asset store. Do I have to list that? Also, some of the stuff I am using as placeholder art came from Opengameart. They don't list the creator's actual name, just their screen name. I've tried contacting them directly but the ones I am using are a few years old and I haven't gotten a response back yet as to their actual name. What I have been doing is listing the web address, the author's name, and the license it is under. Is that enough?

DONE AND DONE!! Finished  holes of what will hopefully be 9 holes of the craziest mini golf you will ever play. I'm still trying to implement a boss battle on hole 9 but if I don't make it in time, I have a back up plan :) 

Also when does voting start for people's choice?

4 days:

The holes are coming along rather quickly :)

Mini Golf just got BRUTAL!!!

6 Days Remaining:

We got ourselves a working hole. All the effects, AI, tracking score, and UI are complete. Just need to implement sound and start building more holes!!

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9 Days Remaining:

What makes the grass grow? Why bood of course!!! All the traps are now working. As I am coding the spells you can place on the ball, I put a shout out to all my punk rock friends in the code for my Combat Mini Golf game by giving the ball a NOFX state. Here's a little video of the blood effects 


Well, they are a classic. Right now they are the only enemy I have working, but for a prototype it's all I need. If I have time, I'll add more. The AI system I designed reuses pretty much everything. All I have to do is feed it stats like speed, attack range, etc etc into it.