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Thanks! You can actually mute the music by pressing m, but it isn't written anywhere in the game so I should find an elegant way of including it. But yeah, after spending a third of my time testing this game listening to it, I don't really like the music either.

What I'll end up doing is breaking the game down into sections with different time limits. The idea behind the bullets is that they would effectively buy you time by letting you easily bypass obstacles, but picking them up could end up costing you time if you don't choose a fast enough route. So the time limit in any given section has to be long enough to make your chosen route matter, but not so long that it feels overly punishing to fail.

thanks bud - did you have any issues while playing it?

high praise, thank you! anything that you think should be improved?

To be honest I never considered expanding this to have multiple timed sections, but that makes total sense now that you mention it. 

I had a lot of fun with this game. Very tense, great animation, and I kept wanting to get better at it even after dying something like 20 times. My only two gripes are:

a. The lava-freezing items only work for a couple of seconds, and it usually takes longer than that to get to them.
b. The platforming feels too pixel-perfect for some jumps, so it can be really unforgiving.

aha thanks. what I should improve on?

personally, I think this is the standout game of this whole jam. the story and goal are directly relevant to the theme, and very emotionally impactful. I also really liked the art style and use of music. everyone should play this!

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Thank you! While I was working on it, I messed around with "sleep()" function as a quick fix (essentially freezing the game world for a half second), but it didn't look right to me so I didn't leave it in the final project. Maybe simple a door closing animation before advancing?

yeah good point - I wanted to make it hard to add replayability, but I may have gone overboard there.

hey, thank you! what do you think needs improvement?

you're right - I like 8 directional shooting just because it fits the 2 button control scheme, but in retrospect there was probably a better way to incorporate it here that I overlooked.

a game about scarcity called "scare city", where you play a noir detective-style matchmaker trying to find clues to make monsters fall in love. GENIUS.